Master of Science in Aviation Finance

Master of Science in
Aviation Finance

This program delivers the business and operational knowledge of aviation and aerospace along with the application of economic, financial and marketing practices.

The Master of Science in Aviation Finance degree gives students knowledge about operations, along with the portfolio of expertise and skills they need to manage the financial risk, monetary policies, and economic strategies used by commercial firms and regulators in the global air transportation industry.

Graduates are prepared to enter the international banking, energy, finance, leasing, aviation, and aerospace industries.


About Aviation Finance at the Daytona Beach, FL Campus

This degree offering is for those students wishing to pursue a dedicated curriculum in the field of aviation finance. The courses in the program deliver the required knowledge of the business and operational aspects of the aviation / aerospace industry while presenting the needed classes in economics, accounting and financial practices and models used by firms not just in the aviation industry but business across the globe. 

A typical first year will include aviation management core courses such as Strategic Marketing Management in Aviation and Accounting for Decision Making, plus required finance classes like Managerial Finance and Investments. 



33 Credits

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