The bachelor degree program in Global Business (BS) at Embry-Riddle includes aviation, transportation, trade, and other international business curriculum.

Bachelor of Science in
Global Business & Supply Chain Management

Designed to offer a global perspective on the challenges at the intersection of culture and business, this program uses analytical approaches to address pressing issues.

The Bachelor of Science in Global Business & Supply Chain Management degree program at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University is designed for students interested in learning about global business practice, culture-specific communications, supply chain management and global entrepreneurship success. The program examines global issues in aviation, logistics, marketing, accounting, trade and other topics relevant to international business. Whether program students are already well traveled or are aspiring globetrotters, they emerge prepared to work and lead diverse global businesses in both the U.S. and overseas. This degree program reflects the ever-changing and demanding global environment of business, government, managing complex global supply chain issues, and the aviation industry.

Learn about international cultures with a focus on emerging markets. Select an area of concentration to align with individual career goals: Aviation, Aerospace, or Language & Culture (with tracks in Chinese, Arabic, and Spanish).

ERAU encourages its students to think far beyond traditional boundaries such as participating in unique internships and cooperative educational experiences. These include summer abroad academic programs in places like France, Italy, China, UAE, Spain, Mexico, and Brazil.

There are plenty of on-campus clubs to join to enhance the academic experience, including Phi Beta Lambda, American Association of Airport Executives, and the Aviation Business Networking Club.


About Global Business & Supply Chain Management at the Prescott, AZ Campus

Part of the School of Business in the College of Business, Security and Intelligence, the B.S. in Global Business & Supply Chain Management degree is designed for students who want a global perspective on the challenges that arise at the intersection of culture and business. Using an analytical approach that examines global issues in aviation, logistics and transportation, marketing, accounting, finance, trade, and other topics relevant to the international business community, students develop an understanding of the interrelated economic, market, and other cultural and environmental forces affecting business and supply chain issues on the global stage.

The Global Business & Supply Chain Management program at ERAU prepares its graduates to:

  • Understand the interrelated economic, market, social, ethical, political, and environmental forces affecting the basic forms and the growth of global business activities.
  • Receive certificate opportunities in supply chain management, providing graduates with the tools to immediately take leadership roles as a global logistics and supply chain manager in aviation or non-aviation fields. 
  • Analyze the global functions of marketing, logistics, accounting, finance and entrepreneurship through hands-on activities and projects
  • Assess the role of domestic and international organizations — such as the World Trade Organization (WTO) and International Monetary Fund (IMF) — in the global marketplace.
  • Demonstrate an appreciation for the significance of multicultural diversity in the workforce and knowledge of the complexities associated with expatriate life in the global marketplace.
  • Incorporate ethical analysis into current and future business decisions in international business.

Get one-on-one mentoring opportunities from our faculty and network with our Business Industry Advisory Board, whose members include JetBlue, The Boeing Company, Las Vegas' McCarran International Airport, and the United Parcel Service.

ERAU’s Prescott Campus is home to an acclaimed School of Business whose students, for ten consecutive years, have brought home more awards from the Phi Beta Lambda State Leadership Conference than any other school in attendance, including nationally ranked business schools.

Prescott's School of Business is a member of the Association of Collegiate Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP) and is accredited.

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120 Credits

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