Bachelor of Science in Global Security and Intelligence Studies

Bachelor of Science in
Global Security & Intelligence Studies

A blend of academic, professional studies and expert faculty helps equip students in this program to become future leaders in intelligence, security and law enforcement.

With persistent global security threats and instability, there is an increasingly high demand for security and intelligence specialists in the United States and throughout the world. Global Security & Intelligence Studies graduates are candidates for intelligence and security agencies (ATF, CIA, DHS, DIA, FBI, NGIA, all branches of the military, etc.), and for corporations (large and small) who must protected their personnel, assets and information at home and abroad. The Bachelor of Science in Global Security & Intelligence Studies program at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University provides a rich learning environment that helps students develop critical thinking, analytic, research and problem-solving skills complemented with the scholarly breadth of a liberal arts foundation and foreign language proficiency.

Embry-Riddle students learn from experienced faculty members who have extensive professional, academic, and global experience in the field. Through hands-on, real-world simulations and practical knowledge, students become acquainted with international affairs and become sensitive to unforeseen threats to national security and global stability.  They are therefore able to employ intelligence analysis and to apply security insights in order to tailor appropriate political and logistical responses.  Global Security and Intelligence Studies students also conduct emergency management exercises relating to homeland security events and can participate as players in a capstone course that simulates an international or war crisis.

You will have opportunity to contribute to a student-produced intelligence newsletter, The Eagle Eye, which provides sound, real-time analysis of global affairs, particularly within the framework of foreseeing possible threats to regional or global stability. The Eagle Eye is distributed to agencies in the U.S. intelligence community as well as among political risk firms and competitive intelligence specialists in the private sector. The Eagle Eye Club also organizes debates during the academic year.

Embry-Riddle students are also encouraged to become involved with professional organizations including the Association of Former Intelligence Officers, American Association of Airport Executives, American Society of Industrial Security, and other related organizations.  These organizations provide speakers on campus and enable students to network with professionals in their areas of interest.


About Global Security & Intelligence Studies at the Prescott, AZ Campus

The Bachelor of Science in Global Security & Intelligence Studies degree program at our Prescott Campus blends both academic and professional studies to equip students with the knowledge and skills necessary to become future leaders in intelligence, security, and law enforcement. Housed in the Department of Global Security and Intelligence Studies within the College of Security & Intelligence, the program provides students with a sound foundation in the liberal arts, including international relations, foreign languages and cultures, international law, foreign policy, political and military history, and other essential topics.

The College of Security & Intelligence at the Prescott Campus is the first of its kind in the nation. Learn from widely-published faculty members with extensive experience in the fields of intelligence and security, foreign and military affairs, and an overriding commitment to supporting our nation’s national security both at home and abroad.

Students choose one of three tracks: the standard integrated Security and Intelligence Track, the Chinese track, or Security Operations Management track

The GSIS Operations Center was designed by experienced faculty to provide training for real-world emergency response, mission readiness, and operational planning, and to simulate the environment graduates will find in their careers.

I Am an Eagle


Students will meet and learn from U.S. experts from across the fields of intelligence and security.

Above all, students will be able to exhibit innovative problem-solving and critical-thinking skills in issues such as terrorism and asymmetrical warfare; security in transportation (particularly aviation and aerospace); private sector global security issues such as international personnel networks, global facility and trade management, computer and software security, and cross-border telecommunications infrastructure.

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122 Credits

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The Global Security and Intelligence Studies Program

Prescott, AZ Campus

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