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Bachelor of Science in
Pilot Operations

This flexible online program is designed to help pilots and student pilots learn the management skills that boost career advancement opportunities in a short time frame.

The Bachelor of Science in Pilot Operations (BSPO) is designed for undergraduate students with an interest in aeronautical science who are already licensed pilots. It provides a straightforward degree path for the operational professional pilot.

Offered fully online, this fast-track program provides students key flexibility that allows for needed work and life balance. The collection of classes has been handpicked to maximize the outcomes that will benefit students.


Pilots who already hold their multi-engine ATP or are commercial/instrument rated with any added ratings — such as multi-engine and either a flight dispatcher, flight engineer or added jet type rating — can transfer up to 45 credits toward this 120-credit degree.

The BSPO is intended to help students achieve leadership roles that demand a degree, such as line pilots who want to be promoted to chief pilots or warrant officers in the military who are transitioning to civilian careers.


About Pilot Operations at the Worldwide & Online Campus

If pilots are qualified to transfer the full 45 credits, the BSPO offers the most affordable and efficient way to achieving a bachelor’s degree with an aviation focus that carries the prestigious Embry-Riddle name.

Embry-Riddle is recognized as an educational and thought leader in aviation and aerospace, producing quality graduates who can successfully enter and thrive in leadership roles. Our expert faculty members bring years of operational experience to the courses and maintain deep connections to this complex and rapidly changing industry.

As a result, many of our graduates are recognized as trailblazers and exceptional leaders and our alumni ranks include airline and aerospace executives, military general officers and astronauts.


The Bachelor of Science in Pilot Operations is an online program that acknowledges a student's valuable experience through the award of up to 45 advanced standing prior-learning credits. The specially designed curriculum then builds on those skills and knowledge to focus on key attributes needed by leaders and managers.

Housed in the Embry-Riddle Worldwide College of Aviation, this flexible, accelerated program allows focused and driven professional pilots to earn their degree in as little as two years, boosting potential career advancement opportunities in a short time frame.

Obtain a prestigious Embry-Riddle degree through our affordable online classes. We also offer special tuition rates for active-duty military and reservists.

In addition, our leading-edge distance learning capabilities mean you can structure your online education around your lifestyle, taking classes where you want and when you want.

Graduates from the Worldwide Bachelor of Science in Pilot Operations are not eligible to apply for a restricted privileges airline transport pilot (ATP) certificate.

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