Bachelor of Science in Space Physics

Bachelor of Science in
Space Physics

The B.S. in Space Physics allows students to explore the fundamental forces in nature by investigating atomic, nuclear and elementary particle systems.

About the Bachelor of Science in Space Physics

As the commercial space sector continues to grow, Embry‑Riddle’s Bachelor of Science in Space Physics is the only undergraduate space physics program in the U.S. dedicated to shaping well-educated students to support scientific missions. It is designed for students who demonstrate strong math and science skills with an interest in space and physics research. Space Physics majors work under the direction of faculty who are research-active physicists who share the passion for understanding the universe and enhancing technological developments.  

The Space Physics program engages students in the scientific side of space exploration through studies of the Earth-sun environment, atmospheric sciences, aurorae, planetary sciences, laboratory plasma physics and exoplanets. Graduates emerge from the program ready to work in applied research careers as vital contributors in the growing field of space exploration. 

Student Learning Outcomes

While earning a Space Physics degree, you will have the opportunity to:   

  • Design and conduct experiments, as well as analyze and interpret data. 
  • Explore prevailing models in the primary areas of physics. 
  • Gain the technical expertise required for developing new physical models. 
  • Understand the current state of knowledge of the physical universe. 

Space Physics Career Opportunities

Careers and Employers

Embry-Riddle graduates are prepared to enter the industry as researchers and systems engineers or continue to further education to become space physicists, with a 100% placement rate within a year of graduation. 

Students earning a degree in Space Physics often accept employment offers from top companies such as Lockheed Martin, MIT – Lincoln Library, the Air Force Institute of Technology and the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics. 

Space Physics Salary Information

Receiving a degree in Space Physics from Embry-Riddle provides the opportunity for competitive salaries, averaging $70,700 annually as of 2022.