Embry-Riddle students work on a drone

Bachelor of Science in
Uncrewed Aircraft Systems

The FAA-certified B.S. in Uncrewed Aircraft Systems prepares graduates to enter the UAS field with an understanding of business, regulatory and security issues.

About the Bachelor of Science in Uncrewed Aircraft Systems

Embry‑Riddle Aeronautical University is a leader in Uncrewed Aircraft Systems (UAS) curriculum, launching the first accredited program in the country. Students enrolled in the program explore coursework in aeronautical science, uncrewed aircraft systems, computer science, engineering, geographic information systems (GIS) and service learning.

Embry‑Riddle’s Bachelor of Science in Uncrewed Aircraft Systems equips students with the necessary knowledge and skills of UAS, emphasizing mission planning and execution, remote pilot operations, data collection and data processing.

Student Learning Outcomes

Learning opportunities you will have while studying in the drone program:

  • Remote Sensing
  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
  • Aviation Safety
  • UAS Maintenance
  • Advanced Air Mobility (AAM)

Uncrewed Aircraft Systems Career Opportunities

Careers and Employers

Embry-Riddle graduates often find careers at Lockheed Martin, Amazon, Caci International and the U.S. Military, with a placement rate of 83.3% within a year of graduation.

Students earning a UAS degree often pursue careers as:

  • Sensor Operator
  • Operations Director
  • Uncrewed Aerial Vehicle Systems Specialist
  • Uncrewed Aircraft Systems Analyst
  • Remote Pilot in Command (RPICs)

Uncrewed Aircraft Systems Salary Information

Embry-Riddle provides the opportunity for competitive salaries, with alumni averaging $81,200 annually one year post-graduation, as of 2022.