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Bachelor of Science in
Unmanned Systems Applications

This groundbreaking program prepares students for administrative, operations and development work with unmanned and small unmanned systems in a range of industries.

One of the first degrees of its kind worldwide, the Bachelor of Science in Unmanned Systems Applications (BSUSA) prepares students for administration, operations and development work with UAS (unmanned aircraft systems) and sUAS (small unmanned aircraft systems) across a wide range of industries. Putting an emphasis on the air domain, the program also covers unmanned and robotic systems in the space, ground and maritime domains.

With continually updated curriculum firmly focused on the evolution of drones and robotics, students will learn how unmanned systems are being deployed — and that we’ve only just begun to explore the full potential of the technology.

Courses will examine major challenges such as interoperability, autonomy and robotics, airspace integration, communications, education and training, propulsion and power, teaming and regulation.

Students can customize the program to fit their desired career path by selecting from three learning tracks: Administration, Operations or Development. While each specialization focuses on a different aspect of unmanned systems, all will position students to play a prominent role in the Unmanned Systems and Robotics industry as it continues to grow.


About Systems Engineering at the Worldwide & Online Campus

Once the domain of military and government agencies, small unmanned aircraft systems (UAS and sUAS) have entered the civilian and commercial sectors, with drones and autonomous systems transforming the world as we know it.

From robotic vehicles roaming our streets to drones soaring through our skies, leading technology companies, news outlets, sports franchises and commercial enterprises all over the world increasingly rely on unmanned systems for critical aspects of their operations.

The Bachelor of Science in Unmanned Systems Applications (BSUSA) focuses on the growth, innovative development and effective use of unmanned system technology across the respective domains (air, space, ground and maritime), with a strong concentration on the air domain. The focused curriculum addresses major challenges within the industry, including business models and applications, autonomy, airspace integration, communications, education and training, propulsion, and power and regulation.

The BSUSA at Embry-Riddle Worldwide offers graduates career opportunities that go far beyond engineering and development. Companies also need skilled administrators, operators, managers and business professionals.

BSUSA graduates will be prepared to support, develop and apply the advanced technologies necessary to support the growing and dynamic needs of the industry. They will also be qualified to help guide the policies and regulations that govern this emerging field.

Students are also eligible to engage in cooperative study/internships and may elect to seek out those enriching opportunities.

For students who choose to pursue their master’s degree, a 4+1 degree option is available.

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120 Credits

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