A female student wearing a headset looks at a computer screen.

Aircraft Dispatcher

The Aircraft Dispatcher Certificate provides the knowledge and skills needed to pass FAA written and practical exams to become a flight dispatcher.

About the Undergraduate Certificate in Aircraft Dispatcher

Embry-Riddle offers this undergraduate certificate to prepare students interested in airline flight operations management for Aircraft Dispatcher certification testing. The FAA awards the Aircraft Dispatcher Airman Certificate to graduates of this approved program after successfully completing a standardized written examination and practical test. Licensed dispatchers are employed by airlines to manage ground-based tasks vital to successful airline flights.  

Flight dispatchers are included in the decision loop on equipment failures, weather variations or traffic delays for monitoring the flight’s progress, issuing safety-of-flight information and canceling or re-dispatching the flight. Unlike standard training, Embry-Riddle's program covers extensive topics, from preflight planning to dispatch release and real-time flight monitoring, ensuring graduates understand their shared responsibility with the captain in making critical decisions. 

*This program is offered alongside the pursuit of a degree and not as separate training. 

Student Learning Outcomes

You will learn the following while studying for a flight dispatcher license: 

  • Decision making that incorporates the company’s economic and scheduling considerations. 
  • Knowledge of aircraft performance capabilities, meteorology and operating regulation. 
  • Lead preflight planning and preparation of the dispatch release. 
  • Manage the ground-based tasks vital to a successful airline flight.