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Graduate Certificate in
Aviation Safety

The Graduate Certificate in Aviation Safety addresses the safety aspects of the aviation industry, including accident investigation and risk management.

About the Graduate Certificate in Aviation Safety

The success of the aviation industry depends upon earning and keeping the public trust through relentless dedication to safety. The Graduate Certificate in Aviation Safety offers a specialized curriculum that provides a comprehensive understanding of system safety from design and certification through operations, accident or incident investigation, safety program management, and occupational safety and health.

Embry‑Riddle provides working professionals with the skills they need to build, manage or contribute to aviation safety programs. With this top-notch graduate-level program, professionals can hone their skills and tackle safety management problems head-on, using data-driven solutions.

Student Learning Outcomes

Opportunities available to you while studying Aviation Safety:

  • Employ sound management and systems engineering skills to analyze the integration of safety skills and resources into all phases of a system’s life cycle.
  • Assess all the aspects of the aircraft accident investigation process.
  • Use essential skills and methodology needed to plan and manage an effective aviation safety program under Safety Management Systems (SMS) guidelines.
  • Apply and evaluate occupational safety and health regulations in the aviation work environment.


About Aviation Safety at the Worldwide & Online Campus

The Graduate Certificate in Aviation Safety is a specialized curriculum that focuses on various aspects within aviation safety. The program offers a comprehensive understanding of aviation accident investigation, aviation safety program management, risk management, aviation systems safety and aviation industrial safety.

The Aviation Safety certificate is for working professionals, including airline operators, airport directors, business managers, project engineers, industry planners, manufacturers, policy and law advisers, consultants, and others involved in managing day-to-day processes within the aviation industry.

Aviation Safety Information

  • Credits: 12
  • Online or In-Person: Fully online

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