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Master of Science in
Data Science

This program is designed to prepare students to use the latest computational and analytical tools to solve data intensive problems in business, industry or government.

In the era of the big data revolution, deriving insights from available information to support or optimize decisions is becoming a necessity in businesses, industries and governments.

Embry-Riddle’s Master of Science in Data Science (MSDS) is designed to provide students with:

  • Practical skills needed to lead the industry into the future.
  • The ability to transform ubiquitous data into relatable, actionable decisions.
  • Strategies to combine data understanding, analytical skills and domain knowledge to overcome challenges.

Whether you seek to enhance your marketability in the fields of safety, cybersecurity, business, homeland security or a broader area, the MSDS will prepare you for success in your career.

Embry-Riddle graduates are trained to employ the most powerful computational and analytic tools to meet complex challenges facing the industry today.

According to the U.S .Bureau of Labor Statistics, the field of data science is expected to grow by 36% by 2031, much faster than the national average.

Data Science graduates are in high demand in a vast array of industries, including:

  • Aviation & Aerospace
  • Business
  • Cybersecurity
  • Homeland Security
  • Safety & Security

Interdisciplinary coursework, world-renowned faculty and state-of-the-art labs prepare students to work collaboratively within distinct tracks of data specialization.

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About Data Science at the Daytona Beach, FL Campus

Why pursue a degree in Data Science?

The goal of the M.S. in Data Science degree program is to provide the students with the knowledge and skills of data collection, pre-processing, analysis, visualization and ethical implication associated with big data arising within the various domain areas.

What does data science coursework include?

All the core courses within the degree program are project-based allowing for hands-on experience culminating in a final capstone project or an internship in the student’s chosen domain area. Internships provide the opportunity to earn real-world experience and equips students to communicate effectively with data visualization.

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What areas of data science are available for specialization?

The program offers the flexibility for students to choose one of the five data science specialization tracks:

  • Aviation Safety
  • Aviation Business
  • High Performance Computing & Big Data
  • Cybersecurity
  • Homeland Security

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30 Credits

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