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Alumni and employees-the living history of Embry-Riddle-can have a lasting impact through their contributions to the University Archives, ensuring historical continuity and preserving the Embry-Riddle legacy for the future.

Alumni or families of alumni are encouraged to donate photos, artifacts, or memorabilia from their time at Embry-Riddle.  Faculty and staff are encouraged to donate relevant records and papers which help to document important milestones of the University.  Safeguarding of these items through proper archiving is critical to the preservation and understanding of Embry-Riddle's history.

If you have questions or comments about the archival collections or Embry-Riddle history, or would like to donate historical items, email University Archivist Kevin Montgomery or call (386) 226-6296.

For online access to the collections, including our image collection, search the University Archives online at