Florida State Senator Tom Wright takes a tour of the Center for Aerospace Resilience in the MicaPlex at Embry-Riddle's Daytona Beach Campus.
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The Center for Aerospace Resilience has been established to amplify Embry-Riddle's contribution to the economic development of the region.


Providing timely and cost-effective safety, security and reliability solutions to improve the resilience of aviation and aerospace systems.


To be the leading source of innovation for safe, secure, reliable and cost-effective solutions that improve the resilience of aviation and aerospace ecosystem.

The Challenge

New and emerging cyber risks are confronting the aviation and aerospace (aero) domains.

  • Once isolated and independent aero systems are evolving to become more interconnected and computationally intensive. Rising connectivity and computerization, which enhance efficiency, also increase the risks of compromise and catastrophic failure.
  • Our national security and economic interests rely on the proper functioning and availability of the aero-infrastructure.
  • The criticality of aero systems and their adaptation to evolving demands require focusing on innovative solution development rooted in safety culture.

The Center for Aerospace Resilience (CAR) will address cyber threats to safety-critical aero systems and cultivate new areas of development through innovative applications of technologies such as Al and data science and analytics in aero systems.

The Impact

CAR will be the nexus of innovation for next-generation, high-assurance aero technologies and solutions. Bringing together Embry-Riddle experts in Al cybersecurity, data science, software and hardware with specialists from industry and government agencies, CAR provides a creative and collaborative environment to respond to the domain's greatest opportunities and challenges.

As the first center to integrate cybersecurity and data analytics R&D focused on aviation and aerospace, CAR advances the University's service to the aero community through providing:

  • Multidisciplinary expertise in collaboration with industry, government and academic partners to address challenges facing aero systems and infrastructure.
  • A partner in commercialization that will work with industry to license technology.
  • A centralized knowledge base that shares findings through presentations and publications.
  • Resources to support workforce development and customize training scenarios using physical and virtual tools.

CAR Labs


  • Dan Diessner, CAR Director
  • Dr. Rabu Babiceanu, CAR Associate Director
  • Carlos Castro, PMP, CAR Director of Operations
  • Lourdes Ayala, CAR Senior Administrative Assistant


  • Dr. Ilhan Akbas, Assistant Professor
  • Dr. Barbara Ciaramitaro, Assistant Professor
  • Jayson Clifford, Software Engineer
  • Neill Fulbright, Avionics Expert
  • Dr. Keith Garfield, Associate Professor
  • Dr. David P. Harvie, Assistant Professor
  • Dr. Troy Henderson, Associate Professor
  • Dr. Laxima Niure Kandel, Assistant Professor
  • Sakurako Kuba, Graduate Student Researcher
  • Abbayu Libabu, Project Manager
  • Mohamed Mahmoud, Software Engineer
  • Jake Neighbors, Software Engineer
  • John Pesce, Software Engineer
  • Ramin Rashedi, Software Engineer
  • Dr. Eduardo Rojas, Associate Professor
  • Dr. Krishna Sampigethaya, Associate Professor
  • Lauren Warner, Software Engineer
  • Dr. Bryan Watson, Assistant Professor
  • Dr. Scott Winter, Associate Professor
  • Dr. Kenji Yoshigoe, Professor