University research can generate groundbreaking inventions with the potential to save and improve our lives. Technology transfer helps move those scientific findings to companies so that real-world products can be produced. The public benefits from the products that reach the market and through the jobs that result from the development and sale of those products.

Technology transfer at Embry-Riddle helps faculty, staff, and students secure intellectual property protection, evaluate the commercial potential of research discoveries, market novel technologies to industry, negotiate license agreements to allow companies to produce products, and support new venture formation. If you’ve made a research discovery, designed a new technology, produced a new piece of software, or have any other kind of potentially commercial innovation, please contact Stephanie Miller, Director of Technology Transfer & Commercialization or complete the Invention/Work Disclosure Form.

If you’d like more information or to request a presentation for your students, department, or group about technology transfer, intellectual property or research commercialization, please contact Stephanie A. Miller, Ph.D.

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Stephanie A. Miller, Ph.D.
Stephanie Miller, Ph.D., M.B.A.
Executive Director, Technology Transfer and Research Park Initiatives