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Bachelor of Science in
Computational Mathematics

The B.S. in Computational Mathematics program at Embry-Riddle is designed to provide a foundation that meets the significant demands of technology in which constructing equations and algorithms for analysis, projection, and simulation is essential. The flexibility of the Computational Mathematics degree allows well-prepared students to pursue dual majors, increasing their career options and enhancing their marketability to potential employers.

Studying at ERAU’s Daytona Beach Campus provides the opportunity to participate in hands-on learning experiences, like those afforded in our new Nonlinear Waves Laboratories, where you can perform 3D simulations and visualize results.

ERAU is home to the Mathematics Assistance To Reach Individual eXcellence (MATRIX) Lab, which supports student success through tutoring and supplemental instruction.

Because of the emphasis on applied mathematics, computing tools, and science applications, this program provides an excellent background for graduates to secure entry-level positions in various industries.

Mathematics also serves as a respected degree leading to graduate study in many fields.

Classes tend to be small, so students can work closely with faculty members who enjoy sharing their passion for math. Collaboratively, the department’s students and faculty engage in a number of varied research areas, with emphasis on physical applications that are often described by partial differential equations.


About Computational Mathematics at the Daytona Beach, FL Campus

The Bachelor of Science in Computational Mathematics is an applied mathematics program intended to prepare graduates to work in aerospace and related industries or to prepare for graduate studies in advanced mathematics, physical sciences, engineering or computer science. The degree includes an area of concentration that reflects the individual student’s interests and career goals in fields like systems engineering, computer science, business and finance or space physics. Seniors also get a chance to work with a team on an interdisciplinary project.

The Bachelor of Science in Computational Mathematics degree is housed in the Department of Mathematics in the College of Arts and Sciences.

A typical first year will include general education courses like English composition along with core classes in programming, computing for engineers, and mathematics.

The Bachelor of Science in Computational Mathematics is designed to produce graduates who can operate at the intersection of applied mathematics, computer science and science applications.

This degree program integrates mathematical modeling, computing and visualization to solve complex problems that arise in the physical, natural, and behavioral sciences as well as engineering.

Graduates of the Computational Mathematics program have options in numerous career fields, including business, engineering, and operations research. They can explore job opportunities as actuaries, financial analysts, and systems engineers, to name a few.

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