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Bachelor of Science in
Computational Mathematics

The Bachelor of Science in Computational Mathematics, available at Embry-Riddle's Daytona Beach Campus, provides a solid foundation in the application of mathematics across disciplines that require quantitative analysis. This program develops strong analytical and problem-solving skills related to computing, mathematics, statistics, and basic science.

All majors in the Computational Mathematics program, regardless of track, are encouraged to engage in industrial research opportunities under the guidance of faculty members. Students enrolled in this interdisciplinary major select the Data Science Track or the Engineering Application Track.

Data Science Track 

This track is designed for students interested in developing expertise in this significant growth area. Graduates with a data science skill set are in high demand for employment. Using interdisciplinary methods to extract knowledge or insights from large quantities of data, data scientists employ techniques and theories drawn from mathematics, statistics, and computer sciences and apply them to data-rich domains.

This track provides students with a strong background in both the theory and practice of creating knowledge from data that can be used to solve real-world problems.

Engineering Applications Track 

This track is designed for students interested in a variety of computational-intensive project-based classes. This track, appealing to students who double major in computational mathematics and an engineering or physics program, assures that graduates are very competitive on the job market. This interdisciplinary track provides students with the fundamentals of mathematical sciences and an introduction to concepts and techniques of computation, optimal decision making, high performance computing, and statistical inference.




About Computational Mathematics at the Daytona Beach, FL Campus

The Computational Mathematics degree, housed in the Department of Mathematics in the College of Arts and Sciences, prepares students for applied mathematics careers that require highly developed critical-thinking and problem-solving skills. This program emphasizes the use of computers as tools to solve mathematically modeled real-world and data-enabled problems.

This program also features project-based learning, as students work on real-world problems provided directly by business and industry. This exceptional experience provides students with many opportunities for internships and undergraduate research, which further bolster employment prospects. 

Because of the emphasis on applied mathematics, computing tools, and data-driven applications, the Computational Mathematics degree program provides students with an excellent background to secure entry-level positions in a wide variety of industries including aerospace, engineering, business finance, data analytics, systems analysis, or healthcare.

The Data Science Track of the bachelor's degree in Computational Mathematics offers excellent preparation for students choosing to enroll in the master's degree in Data Science offered at Embry-Riddle.

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