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Graduate Certificate in
Airworthiness Engineering

Structured to meet the educational needs of working professionals, this certificate prepares them to enhance their careers with additional studies in this vital field.

Airworthiness is an ever-evolving field that integrates many complex aspects to determine flight safety. In the last five years alone, airworthiness has changed dramatically, creating a critical need for timely education and expertise.

Recognizing a gap in this knowledge base, Embry-Riddle has created a Certificate of Study in Airworthiness Engineering (CSAE) graduate program designed to formally prepare students for this specialty.


About Airworthiness Engineering at the Worldwide & Online Campus

The Airworthiness Engineering Certificate is structured to address the professional educational needs of participants in the principles of airworthiness engineering, especially those individuals engaged in the design, development, certification, production, operation and maintenance of air systems — either manned or unmanned.

The certificate is composed of four engineering courses (AWEN502, SYS505, UASE501, AWEN510) that focus on airworthiness at a graduate level.


12 Credits

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