At Embry-Riddle, we prepare students with a strong foundation of core principles to complement their educational journey. Our fundamental General Education courses help students refine life skills in communication, critical thinking and reasoning that will support both their academic and professional careers.

The principles taught in these courses elevate students’ ability to conduct meaningful research, work together in diverse and complex teams, and analyze and communicate both scientific and cultural concepts. Students also develop and enhance their understanding of a range of topics, including economics, history, information technology, psychology, physical sciences and much more.

As they progress into their degree courses and eventually the workplace, students will be challenged to apply these important concepts in unlimited ways, such as graduate research, business presentations, and personal and professional decision-making.

Program Overview

Candidates for bachelor's degrees must complete coursework in the following areas:

Subject Hours
Communication Theory and Skills 9
Computer Science/Information Technology 3
Mathematics 6
Physical and Life Sciences 6
Humanities and Social Sciences 12
Lower-Level Humanities 3
Lower-Level Social Sciences 3
Lower-Level or Upper-Level Humanities or Social Science 3
Upper-Level Humanities of Social Science 3
Total Credits

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General Education Competencies

Students will participate effectively in teams.

Students will express ideas effectively for a variety of audiences, contexts and purposes.

Students will evaluate information from multiple perspectives to develop reasoned conclusions.

Students will analyze how practices, values or artifacts shape and are shaped by culture.

Students will synthesize information appropriately to explore problems.

Students will interpret data from numeric, tabular, graphical and related formats to solve problems or infer conclusions.

Students will evaluate scientific concepts, findings and methodologies to draw logical conclusions.

Students will evaluate technology for appropriate applications.

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