Building a SMART@ER Workforce

Academic pathways are designed to help prepare students for the future. Whether their goal is to pursue a college degree of focus on a career, these pathways will provide them with skills needed for success after graduating from high school. Available pathways include:

  • Aeronautics & Flight
  • Unmanned Aircraft Systems (aka “Drones”)
  • Aerospace Engineering
  • Cybersecurity & Technology
  • Commercial Space Operations
  • JROTC 

Build a strong program by including middle schools and ninth grade students with one of our SMART@ER (Space, Manufacturing, Aviation, Robotics, Technology @ Embry-Riddle) high school credit courses. The available courses include:

  • Introduction to Aeronautical Science
  • Foundations of Unmanned Aircraft Systems: Becoming a Certificated Remote Pilot in Command
  • Unmanned Aircraft Systems
  • Understanding UAS Applications in Agriscience
  • Preparing for Private Pilot Ground School
  • Aviation Algebra
  • Introduction to Commercial Space
  • Aviation Technical Design (CAD)

94% of Embry-Riddle graduates are either employed or have continued their education within one year of graduation.

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