Gaetz Aerospace Institute works to ensure that the college courses offered in high school are as rigorous as courses offered at Embry-Riddle’s Daytona Beach Campus. Our program strives to adhere to the highest standards for our students to experience a seamless transition to college. For our institute to achieve this goal, we developed five partnership standards for student success.

  1. Curriculum Standard: Courses that are administered through the high school are Embry-Riddle catalogued courses with the same departmental designations, course descriptions, numbers, titles, and credits. Embry-Riddle courses that are administered through the high schools reflect the pedagogical, theoretical, and philosophical orientation of the sponsoring Embry-Riddle departments. To ensure that Embry-Riddle courses offered at the high school are the same courses that are offered on campus, our faculty visit the high school site to evaluate the high school instructor, document student involvement, compare the rigor and depth of student assessments, and measure these results to the Embry-Riddle on-campus course.
  2. Faculty Standard: High school instructors are approved and credentialed through Embry-Riddle academic departments and meet the academic department’s requirements for teaching the university’s course(s). High school instructors who are new to the Concurrent Enrollment Program (CEP) are given discipline-specific training and orientation on course curriculum, assessment criteria, pedagogy, course philosophy, and administrative responsibilities and procedures prior to the instructor teaching the Embry-Riddle course. Instructors that are continuing in the CEP are given annual discipline-specific professional development activities and ongoing collegial interaction that addresses course content, course delivery, assessment, evaluation, and research and development in the field.
  3. Student Standard: Embry-Riddle officially registers high school students as non-degree-seeking students of Embry-Riddle and records courses administered through the concurrent program as official Embry-Riddle transcripts. CEP students are expected to meet the course prerequisites of Embry-Riddle. The CEP gives students and schools a comprehensive publication that outlines the rights and responsibilities of the concurrent student.
  4. Assessment Standard: CEP students are held to the same standards of achievement as those expected of students in on-campus sections. High school students are assessed using the same activities (for example, papers, projects, assessments, labs, assignments, and readings) as students at Embry-Riddle.
  5. Evaluation Standard: The CEP conducts end-of-term course evaluations for each course section offered through the program and provides the results to the high school and the Embry-Riddle course monitor instructor. The CEP provides surveys to the high school instructors addressing the methodology of the course. This data is evaluated and analyzed for courses offered in the future.

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