Embry-Riddle Aerospace Engineering Major Nadia“I am a first-generation college student. The first soon-to-be female engineer in my family. The Aerospace Career Academy is the reason why I chose Embry-Riddle and Aerospace Engineering. I love the fact that Embry-Riddle allows us to receive world-class education in high school before we even get to campus. It speaks volumes to our school’s culture and vision. It was truly one of the most rewarding experiences of my life!”

– Nadia (Embry-Riddle Aerospace Engineering Major)

“I have always had a passion for aviation and to think that the Aerospace Career Academy was a place where I could be surrounded by others who shared my same passion, was a dream come true. This program is the reason I was able to finish a four-year degree in 2.5 years and limit my student loans.”

– Josh (Completing a master’s degree and employed by NextGen. Graduated high school in May 2008 and enrolled in Embry-Riddle as a junior in January 2009)

“I am very thankful for the experience I gained through my internship that was coordinated by my Aerospace Career Academy. This opportunity has helped me realize a dream that I did not envision being able to accomplish until much later in life.”

– Leandro (High school student who completed an internship at Renegade, including free flight training)

“My dream, since I was six, is to become an astronaut. The Aerospace Career Academy put me on a path to make it a reality.”

– Shyamel (Embry-Riddle Aerospace Engineering Major; interned at NASA, Boeing, and SpaceX)

“I am a first-generation college student who comes from a family that lives paycheck-to-paycheck. Without the aviation program and the guidance I received within it regarding financial aid, grants, scholarships, and loans, I have no doubt that I would be sluggishly making my way through life, making little over minimum wage, continuing to live in mediocrity, and not contributing some of the natural gifts that I have.”

– Alan (Embry-Riddle Aerospace Engineering Major)

"The Aerospace Career Academy inspired me to achieve my dreams of becoming an Air Traffic Controller. I also earned college credits in high school allowing me to graduate a year early!”

– Jade (Embry-Riddle Air Traffic Management Major)

"After being confused about which career path to choose, the professors in the Aerospace Career Academy program helped me get accepted into Embry-Riddle and choose an awesome career. They taught me how to work like a college student while in high school, and helped me make the transition between high school and college. It is a great program that gives students hands-on experience toward a career they want to pursue.”

– Carson (Embry-Riddle Air Traffic Control Major)

“Not only has my time at the Aerospace Career Academy been educational, but of all the lessons learned, I believe the most powerful and inspiring lesson is that of camaraderie. Here, I have found that students gain friendship and guidance from their truly compassionate professors, and I am attending one of the best aeronautical programs in the world while in high school. Here students are taught for success and nothing less.”

– Cory (Awarded $13,000 college scholarship and $10,000 in tools as the SkillsUSA Gold Medal Aviation Maintenance Technology Winner)

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More than 90% of Embry-Riddle graduates are either employed or have continued their education within one year of graduation.