Arjun, a man with medium-dark skin tone, poses against a grey backdrop, wearing a cream-colored suit and navy blue tie and smiling broadly. Arjun, a man with medium-dark skin tone, poses against a grey backdrop, wearing a cream-colored suit and navy blue tie and smiling broadly.
Embry‑Riddle's Asia Campus student Arjun Vijay is exploring new horizons with a degree in Aeronautics. (Photo: Arjun Vijay)

Aeronautics Major Embraces Study Abroad Opportunities

Story by Ashley Mueller
Ashley Mueller

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Aeronautics major Arjun Vijay unlocks new perspectives as he takes on leadership roles and pursues his studies abroad in the United States.

Arjun Vijay (’24) grew up in Singapore, an island city in Southeast Asia, with dreams of one day having a career in the aviation field. Influenced by his father, who is an aviation enthusiast, Arjun decided to pursue his early dreams of flight and is earning his B.S. in Aeronautics at Embry‑Riddle Aeronautical University’s Asia Campus in Singapore.

“Growing up, I always wanted to see the world. I dreamed of working in foreign countries and making friends from all around the globe,” he reflected. “I would say that this has influenced me in choosing a career in aviation as it gives me a platform to be able to work abroad with other like-minded individuals.”

Dreams Take Flight

Through attending aviation conferences in Singapore, Arjun discovered Embry‑Riddle's Asia Campus. Their consistent presence at these events caught his keen attention, leading him to discover a vibrant community, global opportunities and more.

“Upon researching further, I found it to be an ideal fit for my aviation interests,” he shared. “It wasn’t an instant decision, but the more I learned about the program and the campus culture, the more convinced I became.”

Arjun’s search for a college ended when he discovered Embry‑Riddle's unwavering commitment to academic excellence and dedication to shaping the future of aviation.

“The Aeronautics program offered at Embry‑Riddle Asia is very robust and it allowed me to gain a deep understanding in the areas of airplanes, air traffic control and maintenance operations,” he said. “The university's reputation as a leader in aerospace education sets graduates apart, providing a unique and specialized skill set that is highly valued in the industry.”

“Being part of this campus has been rewarding due to the shared passion for aviation among classmates and professors... It’s really nice to be surrounded by like-minded students who are equally dedicated to the field!”

Beyond the Classroom

Once Arjun stepped foot on Embry‑Riddle's Asia Campus, he knew he made the right decision. With opportunities to grow his knowledge outside of the classroom, Arjun got involved on-campus by serving as the President of the seventh Student Government Association (SGA) on the Asia Campus.

“As part of SGA, we oversee the student body and we try to foster a tightly knit community of students. We aim to do this by organizing events for the student body and by finding conferences and events that students can attend or volunteer at,” he stated. “As a President, I had a phenomenal time leading my team... My team had seven students, including myself, and we had four different nationalities, representing Singapore, India, Philippines and Seychelles.”

Arjun, along with his SGA team members, represented Embry‑Riddle Asia in the Langkawi International Maritime and Aerospace Exhibition that was hosted in Malaysia in 2023.

“This was the first time I went abroad to attend an Airshow and there was no better way of doing it than to be representing Embry‑Riddle Asia,” he said. “We showcased the programs offered at the university to people that attended the tradeshow.”

Arjun’s involvement on campus has transformed his experience, creating opportunities for personal and professional growth, leadership development and more.

Arjun, in a cream-colored suit, poses with several other men and women with a wide variety of apparent ethnicities under a poster that reads Student Government Association.
Arjun Vijay and members of SGA gather with faculty on Embry-Riddle's Asia Campus. (Photo: Arjun Vijay)
Arjun poses with a dozen others in front of a black jet with bronze and white microchip circuitry patterns. Lettering on the side reads, Profit Hunter.
Arjun Vijay and members of SGA attending the Langkawi Airshow in 2023. (Photo: Arjun Vijay)

Studying Beyond Boundaries

As a student on the Asia Campus, Arjun had the opportunity to take his academic studies across the globe for a one-of-a-kind learning experience. The Eagle Mobility Program offered by the Study Abroad and Global Engagement Office enabled Arjun to study abroad for a semester at Embry‑Riddle's Daytona Beach Campus.

“Living in a suite with students from Singapore, Korea, Belgium, Australia and Germany created a vibrant and tight-knit community,” he said. “Our shared experiences, from weekend trips to navigating campus life, forged lasting friendships that cross cultural boundaries.”

Arjun shared that his experience abroad has been one of the best things about his time at Embry‑Riddle.

“One of the highlights was being a part of the Embry‑Riddle Surf Club. This not only deepened my love for surfing but also introduced me to like-minded individuals who shared the same passion,” he said. “The club’s beach days and events provided the perfect backdrop for forming connections and creating lasting memories!”

Studying abroad not only allowed Arjun to pursue his academic passions but has also provided him with the opportunities to develop valuable skills, expand his global network, form lifelong friendships that span continents, immerse himself in the local culture and further his personal and professional growth.

“My time at the Daytona Beach Campus was a mosaic of cultural exchange, outdoor adventures and newfound friendships that I’ll cherish forever!”

Arjun, wearing a t-shirt and camouflage shorts, makes a hang ten sign. He poses with two other students and the Embry-Riddle eagle mascot, who is wearing sunglasses and a basketball jersey.


Arjun Vijay with friends on the Daytona Beach Campus as he studies abroad for a semester.

Mapping Success

When asked about what inspires him to continue his path in the aeronautics industry, Arjun cites, “Being away from home and being out of my comfort zone, that inspires me the most... Nothing hits me more than that feeling of excitement you have when you are at the departure lounge in the airport with a one-way ticket away from home.”

As for his future endeavors, Arjun hopes to continue exploring the world of private jet management and aircraft charter sales.

“Embry‑Riddle allowed me to see the world while doing what I love,” he said. “I genuinely don’t think I could possibly ask for more from a university.”

As his dreams take flight, Arjun offers some valuable advice to the current and future students at Embry‑Riddle.

“Say yes to new experiences; say yes to discomfort. If you ever get the chance to go abroad, please take it. Travel really broadens the mind.”

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