Several students sit on the Embry-Riddle monument sign at the Daytona Beach campus. A vintage biplane is seen in the background. Several students sit on the Embry-Riddle monument sign at Daytona Beach with an historic biplane in the background.


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Whether you prefer snow days and hiking adventures at the Prescott, Arizona, campus, soaking up sun on the beach and exploring nearby amusement parks at the Daytona Beach, Florida, campus, or the flexibility of earning your degree from anywhere with WiFi through our Worldwide Campus, we have a learning option for you. Explore life at Embry-Riddle and learn how to pursue your degree on your own terms.
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  • Joshua poses standing with an open book in front of a library book case.

    Joshua Park reflects on his day-to-day life while earning his degree in Unmanned Aircraft Systems and taking on leadership roles on campus.

    Meet Joshua P.
  • Kayla Davis sits in a classroom, a tablet and a travel mug on the desk in front of her.
    Kayla Davis shares insight to a typical day in the Aerospace Engineering program while she balances an internship with her academic pursuits.

    Meet Kayla D.
  • Lorena on Beach Street in Daytona Beach.
    Lorena Sanabria shares her day-to-day experiences with sorority and club involvement, exploring Daytona Beach and earning her degree in Astronomy & Astrophysics.

    Meet Lorena S.
  • Marily smiling in front of a large aircraft.
    Read about a day in the life of Marily Aguilar-Hernandez, who balances her job at a law firm with her education at Embry-Riddle Worldwide.

    Meet Marily A.-H.
  • Prince and Arthur on a walk near campus.
    Each day on the Prescott Campus, Prince Anselmo made sure to dedicate time to on-campus involvement, the pursuit of his pilot's license and his loveable canine companion, Arthur!

    Meet Prince A.
  • At Embry‑Riddle, students have an abundance of resources available for academic growth, career preparation, mental health care and more!

    Resources Available to Embry‑Riddle Students
  • Sam poses in a light blue button down shirt against a tan outdoor wall.
    Explore a day-in-the-life of Sam Charaf as he earns his degree in Aviation Maintenance through Embry-Riddle Worldwide.

    Meet Sam C.
  • Emma sits in a yellow deck chair with a laptop in her lap, outside on the Prescott Campus.
    Emma Rash reflects on a day of earning her degree in Global Security & Intelligence Studies and working as a housing supervisor on campus.

    Meet Emma R.
  • Taylor Brown sits at a desk with a laptop and stacks of newspapers.
    Follow along with Taylor Brown's daily life while studying Space Physics, working as editor-in-chief of a student-run newspaper and leading as co-founder and vice president of the American Sign Language Club.

    Meet Taylor B.
  • Aidan studying in a coffee shop.
    Aidan Rock-Arnarson discusses a day of earning his degree in Aviation Business Administration while working as an airport management intern in Chico, California.

    Meet Aidan R.-A.
  • Higbee, Embry‑Riddle’s newest and most adorable employee, is a four-legged facility dog who helps busy students stave off stress.

    Five Questions with Higbee, Prescott’s Stress Busting Facility Dog
  • Global Security and Intelligence Studies major Alix Craft gains international experience in security by studying abroad in Taiwan.

    Studying Global Security and Intelligence Abroad in Taiwan
  • Mia Hamlin’s summer internship in Southwest’s emergency response department was an exciting and fulfilling experience that she is happy to share with others.

    Southwest Internship Opens Doors
  • Aeronautics major Megan Gill’s report on her internship with Horizon Air highlights the opportunities of an Embry‑Riddle education.

    Airline Internship Gives Aeronautics Major Glimpse of Her Future
  • Sophomore student Alix Craft has some advice for incoming students to help you make the most out of your freshman year.

    Global Security and Intelligence Studies Major Looks Back on Freshman Year
  • Emma Rash is wrapping up her undergraduate career at Embry‑Riddle. On top of being a student, much of her time is spent working in the field she is most passionate about: housing.       

    Housing Supervisor Extraordinaire: Unexpected Passions Found at Embry‑Riddle
  • Our Arizona Campus is known for all kinds of unique annual traditions. From air shows and races to outdoor barbecues and Hawaiian luaus, Eagles know how to have fun!

    Work Hard and Play Hard at the Prescott Campus
  • Embry‑Riddle Aeronautical University is helping students reach their potential thanks to dedicated faculty, optimal class sizes and fundamental coursework – just ask alumnus Alan Tomaszycki.

    Alumnus Shares Top Five Places on Prescott Campus
  • Daytona Beach students share campus happenings you won’t want to miss!

    What's Happening on the Daytona Beach Campus?
  • Ralph Alcock (’78) was among four pilots who flew the first training aircraft to the Embry‑Riddle Aeronautical University Prescott Campus in August 1978.

    The First Planes in Prescott: Eagle Grad Recounts the Ultimate Cross Country Flight
  • No matter what you’re interested in, Embry‑Riddle Aeronautical University likely has a club for it.

    Join the Club: Embry‑Riddle Groups Enhance the College Experience
  • The smallest decisions can have the most impact – and that was certainly the case for Embry‑Riddle alumni Chris and Emily Casey.

    It All Started With a Seat
  • Third-year Resident Assistant (RA) Wilson Tadena (’22) shares advice for incoming freshmen to help make the first year living on campus a success.

    Living on Campus: Five Tips for Freshmen
  • The Embry‑Riddle Aeronautical University Daytona Beach Campus has proven to be a great career launchpad, and no one knows that better than our successful alumni.

    Your Next Horizon is Right Here!
  • Aeronautical Science grad Sergio Sovero describes how family support and an Embry‑Riddle degree helped him land on the flight deck.

    Aeronautical Science Grad Reflects on Being Youngest Pilot at Delta Air Lines
  • Whether you’re still exploring your academic goals or are ready to dive right into your master’s degree, the university’s first-ever stackable programs and new certificates offered through the Worldwide Campus allow you to design an educational path tailored to your unique interests.

    Embry‑Riddle Worldwide’s College of Business Reimagines Graduate Learning
  • Simulation Science, Games and Animation student Paige Cody returned to her Arizona high school to inspire the next generation of creators.

    Gaming Science Major Helps the Next Generation Level Up
  • All current Embry-Riddle students and their family members are invited to take part in a weekend full of family friendly activities. More details to come soon as plans are finalized.

    Family Weekend