A student wears a lab coat and looks into a microscope. Mountains can be seen through the wall of windows in the background. A student wears a lab coat and looks into a microscope. Mountains can be seen through the wall of windows in the background.


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The impact of Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University is felt across industries and around the globe. As a world-renowned institution dedicated to aviation, aerospace and STEM fields, our students and graduates are leaders and innovators who promote technological advancement, enhance safety practices, drive economic growth and so much more. 
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  • A Puerto Rico native, Jesika Geliga-Torres followed her passion for exploration and became a Patti Grace Smith Fellow at Embry-Riddle. 

    Embry-Riddle Student's Journey to Securing Patti Grace Smith Fellowship
  • Originally from Monroe, Louisiana, Benjamin Carter followed his interests in aviation and aerospace to Embry-Riddle, where he earned a Patti Grace Smith Fellowship.

    Student Shares Insights on Earning a Patti Grace Smith Fellowship
  • Motivated by a passion for her field and excitement for innovation, Olivia Munisi found her place at Embry-Riddle through on-campus involvement. 

    Empowering the Future: Eagle Finds Inspiration in On-Campus Involvement
  • The Dual Enrollment program at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University allows students to earn high school and college credit concurrently starting as early as ninth grade.

    Dual Enrollment at Embry-Riddle Fuels Aspiring Aviator’s Pursuit of Dream Career
  • What brought a pioneering and wildly successful aerospace professional back to the Ph.D. in Aviation program at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University? 

    Ph.D. in Aviation Helps Accomplished Aviator Continue Aerospace Innovations
  • First-generation pilot Arthur Clarke is taking his passion to the flight deck with a degree in Aeronautical Science thanks to Embry-Riddle.

    Reaching New Heights with an Aeronautical Science Degree
  • As a truly global university, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University empowers international students like Timur Turganov to thrive personally and professionally.

    Landing at Embry-Riddle Puts International Student on Course for Career Success
  • Although the odds were against him, one Eagle combined determination with the support of his parents to find success as an Aeronautical Science major.

    Aspiring Leader Finds a Home for His Aviation Dreams at Embry-Riddle
  • The longstanding legacy of Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University as the leading provider of educational opportunities for active-duty military and veterans is helping one Eagle alum pivot from one dream career to another.

    Transitioning Space Force Veteran Uses the Embry-Riddle Edge to Start His Next Mission
  • Serena Fechter (’26) likes how the world looks from the flight deck of an aircraft.

    Success Follows Aspiring Aviator and Pageant Contestant from One Runway to Another
  • As an aviation enthusiast and a writer for The Avion, Javier Morales has big dreams to make the airline industry a better place for all.

    Passion for Aviation Accessibility Fuels Ambition
  • With more than 9,000 hours logged as a professional pilot, the flight deck is a pretty comfortable place for Chase Trissel.

    M.S. in Leadership Program Helps Experienced Pilot Find Success as a Supervisor
  • Vincent Becerra is a U.S. Air Force veteran and Industrial/Organizational Psychology student putting his studies to work for his fellow veterans on campus.

    Finding Personal Growth While Advocating for Student Veterans
  • The Society of Women Engineers dedicated their time to lead the Introduce a Girl to Engineering Workshop for elementary school girls and inspire the next generation of engineers.

    SWE Workshop Lets Eagles Showcase STEM Opportunities for Young Girls
  • Thanks to his Aviation Business Administration degree, Timothy Gelfer is prepared to pursue his aviation career wherever it takes him.

    ABA Degree Sets Student Up to Stand Out in the Business of Aviation
  • Megan Yaa Amoako was awarded a substantial scholarship from Boeing to support her life-long goal of becoming a pilot.

    Eagle Lands Scholarship Through Participation in Women in Aviation Groups
  • Student Makenzi Patterson is pursuing her passion in the Forensic Biology field as she gains extensive hands-on experience at Embry-Riddle.

    Under the Microscope
  • Aviation Maintenance Science major Shelby Quillinan is excited that her degree program has opened the door to so many aviation industry opportunities.

    Fixing to Fly
  • M.S. in Project Management student Charlie Woods says his achievements in the Air Force and as a student reflect those who mentored him.

    Grad Student’s Journey to Success Shows How Mentors Can Make the Difference
  • Soon to graduate, Meredith Tutrone reflects on her experiences while at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.

    Earning a Forensic Accounting and Fraud Examination Degree at ERAU
  • Juan Pena’s journey to becoming a working airline pilot was first fueled by Embry-Riddle’s unique partnership with the Gaetz Aerospace Institute.

    Early Start Elevates Eagle Pilot to His Dream Career in Commercial Aviation
  • At age 27, Zoey Williams is the first Black female pilot at Air Canada and holds two aviation degrees and an MBAA from Embry‑Riddle.

    Accomplished Aviator Charts Course of Achievement Inside and Outside of the Flight Deck
  • Homeland Security and Intelligence major Hannah Wood gains hands-on security experience during her internship with the Daytona Beach Police Department.

    Reaching the Next Level at the Forefront of Local Security and Intelligence
  • Aeronautics major Arjun Vijay unlocks new perspectives as he takes on leadership roles and pursues his studies abroad in the United States.

    Aeronautics Major Embraces Study Abroad Opportunities
  • Logan Price pursues her passion in the STEM field through on-campus involvement and internship opportunities as she balances two majors.

    Beyond the Stars
  • Aeronautical Science major William Bourdeau is closer than ever to a career as a pilot, thanks in part to Dual Enrollment classes at Embry‑Riddle.

    How Dual Enrollment Helped Fuel This Eagle Aviator’s Drive to the Flight Deck
  • Cory Hoit’s journey to Embry‑Riddle’s Aerospace Engineering program got a boost from his participation in the American Rocketry Challenge.

    Aerospace Engineering Major Gets Boost Toward Success From ARC Scholarship
  • M.S. in Human Factors student Evelyn Ronceros started her academic journey at Embry‑Riddle while she was still on active duty in the Air Force.

    Air Force Veteran Turns to Embry‑Riddle to Explore New Aviation Career Horizons
  • Alexander Kam is pursuing a future in the engineering field with hopes to work for The Boeing Company.

    Building a Bright Future
  • Jonathon Guthmiller just spent two weeks on top of a Hawaiian volcano as an analog astronaut and will soon head to NASA to begin his career as a flight control planner.

    From Classrooms to Space Stations
  • After years of hard work in school, Liyat Tsehai was selected by Boeing for the prestigious Boeing Scholars program at Embry‑Riddle.

    A Boeing Scholar's Journey to the Skies
  • Aviation Maintenance Science major Calen Crockett has been thrilled by the opportunities for hands-on experience that she’s getting at Embry‑Riddle.

    Aviation Maintenance Science Major Finds "Unmatched" Opportunity at Embry‑Riddle
  • Shyan Khalil’s interest in the field of air safety continues to grow as she gets involved in on-campus groups and interns with her dream organization.

    Safety Takes Flight
  • Perla Latorre-Suarez is pursuing a future in STEM and shares her journey on social media in hopes of inspiring generations to come.

    Aerospace Engineering Scholar
  • Aerospace Engineering major Adam Jain’s American Rocketry Challenge scholarship is helping power his dream of building rockets to explore space.

    American Rocketry Challenge Scholarship Winner Finds the Future Is Looking Up
  • Despite limited access to aviation in her youth, Boeing Scholar Shii-Ann Madison’s passion for aeronautics drew her eyes to the skies.

    Fulfilling the Dream of Becoming a Pilot
  • Nicolas Napoleoni’s Embry‑Riddle journey started on the flight deck and has moved to the hangar as part of the Aviation Maintenance Science program.

    Aviation Maintenance Science Major Finds Embry-Riddle Offers Best of All Worlds
  • Flight attendant Angelia Keever was drawn to Embry‑Riddle because of her aviation background. Now, she’s hoping to take her career to new heights.

    Worldwide Student Goes Global with Embry‑Riddle Degree in Homeland Security
  • Boeing Scholar Kristy Magana is looking forward to a promising future thanks to The Boeing Company and her academic achievements.

    A Boeing Scholar's Flight to Success in Aeronautical Science
  • Aerospace Engineering major Ryan Shields found his passion for rocketry by accident, and an ARC scholarship is helping him pursue a path to the stars.

    Aerospace Engineering Major Gets Ready for Launch With ARC Support
  • Sydney Bonbrest took her skills outside of the classroom in her first aerospace engineering internship and left with a new understanding of the industry.       

    Eagle Gains Big Experience at Small Space Company
  • Sydney Jones takes full advantage of the endless opportunities that Embry‑Riddle has to offer as she accepts a full-time position at Lockheed Martin.

    The Power of an MBA
  • An American Rocketry Challenge Scholarship is helping Tanner Whitney pursue his B.S. in Aerospace Engineering degree at Embry‑Riddle.

    ARC Scholarship Helping Aerospace Engineering Major Have a Blast
  • Engineering Physics senior Kaley Eaton gained valuable hands-on experience at her recent internship, and her determination will reveal her place in the stars.

    From Campus to the Cosmos
  • Embry‑Riddle senior Adam Moore is on a mission to push boundaries of human spaceflight exploration as he pursues his degree.

    Aerospace Engineering Student Finding Inspiration in the Stars
  • Margaret Colwell is studying Human Factors Psychology – a program that allows her to combine her passion for psychology and skills in engineering.

    The Perfect Blend
  • Aerospace engineering meets recycling in Connor Arnold’s eye-opening and exciting internship experience.

    Exploring Space Sustainability with a NASA Internship
  • For Aerospace Engineering major Jacob Zahabi, a scholarship from the American Rocketry Challenge is helping launch his career in rocket science.

    ARC Scholarship Helps Aerospace Engineering Major Get Ready to Rock It
  • Embry‑Riddle alumni Aditya Rathi shares insight on the experiences that led him to landing a job at Delta Air Lines.

    Advancing Aviation Safety
  • Student athlete and Civil Engineering major Abigail Valley has skillfully mastered a demanding college schedule while heading into her senior year at Embry‑Riddle.

    A Well-Rounded Future
  • Gifted with athletic, culinary and engineering skills, Aerospace Engineering major Aubrianne Dupre is following her passions at Embry‑Riddle.

    American Rocketry Challenge Scholarship Fuels Eagle’s Quest for Success in Space
  • Brandon Dreslin is graduating with his B.S. in Human Factors Psychology and gaining invaluable experiences while soaking up as much knowledge as possible.

    The Human Element
  • After facing down many challenges, including racism and sexism, May Maryzana Maginde has put her Aerospace Engineering degree to work.

    Despite Challenges, Aerospace Engineering Grad Has Her Dream Goals Firmly in Sight
  • Toriahna Thomas is a rising junior at Embry‑Riddle. Right now, she’s completing her first internship, leading multiple organizations and preparing for what the future has in store.

    Civil Engineering Student Aims to Build Success
  • Philip Kwiecinski’s journey to his B.S. in Aviation Maintenance Science has been filled with support, encouragement, camaraderie — and success.

    Friends, Faculty Fuel Eagle’s Drive Toward Aviation Maintenance Science Success
  • Jessyca Derby is working hard to earn her Ph.D. in Human Factors from Embry‑Riddle and is soaking up as much knowledge and experience as she can.

    Scholarly Eagle Shares Research, Dissertation and Career Insights
  • Portia Ani wants to use the combined skills and experiences from her B.S. in Aviation Maintenance Science and MBA degrees to one day open her own FBO.

    Two Embry‑Riddle Degrees Form the Foundation for This Eagle’s Aviation Dream
  • Paul Rossi’s B.S. in Aeronautics helped him become a UAS innovator and entrepreneur. Today, he is pursuing a Master of Space Operations degree.

    UAS Entrepreneur Makes Giant Leap to Space Operations Degree
  • Garrett Demshar has gained valuable and unforgettable experiences throughout his time at Embry‑Riddle.

    Beyond the Classroom
  • Catie Alfonzo-Jenner just went to NASA to complete an engineering challenge and is ready to take on senior year.       

    Aerospace Engineering Student Leads Team to NASA
  • Michael Falanga just graduated from Embry‑Riddle with his B.S. in Human Factors Psychology. Now, he’s moving on to pursue his Ph.D. in the same field.

    From Student to Scholar
  • Ta’Leah Adams earned her MBAA at Embry‑Riddle Aeronautical University whilst competing (and winning) on the Track & Field team.

    A Winning Combination
  • In addition to his flight training, Aeronautical Science major Dylan Kowlessar has discovered a range of new passions to pursue at Embry‑Riddle.

    Aeronautical Science Major Finds Plenty of Passions Worth Pursuing at Embry‑Riddle
  • Communication student Danielle Van Pelt has big dreams in the world of broadcast meteorology and is well on her way to accomplishing them.

    From School to Studio
  • This international student, Saima Teasha, is a Software Engineering major whose campus involvement has made her feel right at home.       

    Conferences and Club Involvement Enrich Software Engineer’s Campus Experience
  • Meet Faith Lee, a senior at Embry‑Riddle. With hard work, a supportive community and the ability to make lasting connections, she earned the opportunity of a lifetime with Delta Air Lines.

    Preparing for Takeoff
  • Divyeshwari Vansadia has been preparing for her future career since childhood. With a true love for the stars and space, Vansadia has the motivation and ability to go far in her field.

    Astronomy and Astrophysics
  • Civil Engineering senior Sydney Makarovich is on a path to success post-graduation, with a leader’s mindset and an exciting position secured in her field.

    Building a Strong Foundation for an Excellent Career
  • From designing to actualizing infrastructure improvements, Engineers Without Borders allows students to gain valuable experience while making positive changes worldwide.

    Engineers Without Borders
  • B.S. in Electrical Engineering student Molly Ruley balances her love of engineering with her role as a contestant in the Miss Arizona 2023 Pageant.

    Electrical Engineering Student Works to Power a Brighter Future
  • Gina Buhl mapped out her career in aviation long before she set foot in the cockpit.

    Women in Aviation
  • Hope Elmer’s fascination with space led her to pursue aerospace engineering from an early age.

    Aerospace Engineering Major Earns Prestigious Scholarship
  • Dustin Foote hopes his story will inspire others to pursue an education despite their struggles and setbacks.

    Veteran Eagle Soars with an Embry‑Riddle Education
  • Embry‑Riddle senior Arda Cetken will head from Prescott, Arizona, to Everett, Washington, for his position at The Boeing Company.

    Eagle Takes Flight from Embry‑Riddle to Boeing
  • Prabhsidak Singh doesn’t believe in obstacles.

    Overcoming Obstacles to Chart His Own Course
  • Eshna Bhargava found her home away from home by creating her own campus community.

    Finding Community
  • Three Embry‑Riddle students with diverse interests have teamed up to pursue their passion for taking aviation and aerospace photos.

    Eagles Take Aviation Photography to the Next Level
  • Mia Hamlin keeps her schedule full with a police department internship and participation in several campus organizations on top of her GSIS coursework.

    Internship Gives Eagle a Taste of Law Enforcement
  • Aiming for a career in federal law enforcement, Global Security and Intelligence Studies student Tamhas Morgan is starting out locally.

    Global Security and Intelligence Studies Making an Impact
  • Matthew Jolliffe (’23) has completed six internships during his time at Embry‑Riddle Aeronautical University, from General Electric to Fox Factory to BMW.

    Embry‑Riddle Student Highlights the Importance of Industry Experience
  • B.S. in Space Physics grad Jennifer James is pursuing her Ph.D. and hoping to one day train the next generation of engineers and scientists.

    Space Physics Degree Has Alumna Set for a Stellar Career
  • Leah Smith has taken advantage of all the opportunities Embry‑Riddle has to offer.

    Eagle Eyes Embry‑Riddle's Numerous Opportunities
  • For almost as long as she can remember, Kayla Taylor has been looking up.

    M.S. in Aviation Grad Highlights the Work of Women in Astronomy
  • Pursuing a Master of Science in Safety Science at Embry‑Riddle helped Chris Riley launch a dream career at NASA.

    Safety Science Degree Opens Door to Stellar Career at NASA
  • Jordan Garrett (’22) is preparing for the adventure of a lifetime before he travels to Japan for graduate school with a competitive scholarship.

    Aviation Maintenance Alum to Study in Japan on Scholarship
  • Master of Business Administration in Aviation student April Bedunah’s internship with the U.S. House put her at the heart of aviation policy.

    Aviation Business Student Lands Congressional Internship
  • Katie Rolle (‘24) looks to apply her knowledge in mechanical engineering to combat climate change.

    Eagle Looks to Make Environmental Impact with Mechanical Engineering
  • Elena Djudaric is a first-generation college student studying Aerospace Engineering on the Astronautics track, while being active in several clubs.

    Aerospace Engineering Student Finds Success Through Support
  • Global Security & Intelligence Studies major Grace Brown loves to sing Embry‑Riddle's praises when speaking with prospective students.

    Global Security & Intelligence Studies: Bragging Rights
  • Whether it’s giving campus tours to prospective students or teaching math to children in Zambia, Jack Frankie (‘25) is always willing to lend a helping hand. Now, he is serving humanity with a helping paw.

    Aviation Business Administration Student Takes a Paws for a Cause
  • With an Aeronautics Degree from Embry‑Riddle, this pilot is getting closer to his goal of a career on the flight deck.

    Where Are They Now?
  • Jorge Canido has big dreams in the aviation industry. With ideas that could transform the world of aeronautics, he decided to pursue not one but two master’s degrees from Embry‑Riddle.

    Graduate Student Has High Hopes for the Future of Aviation
  • M.S. in Leadership student Nick Jacobs looked to the skies for a career change chasing his childhood dream.

    M.S. in Leadership: Embry‑Riddle's Next Aviator
  • Volusia County students pose around the Embry‑Riddle seal after the workshop led by the Society of Women Engineers Collegiate Section. (Photo: Embry‑Riddle / Sergio Carli)

    Engineering Students Host Girls in STEM Workshop
  • Embry‑Riddle offers Uncrewed Aircraft Systems (UAS) students opportunities to participate in innovative and impactful research opportunities.

    UAS: Boldly Going Where No Drone Has Gone Before
  • Internships are an integral piece of education for students at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, and students are given unique resources and opportunities to get the best internships for them.

    The Value of Internships in College
  • Letsy Gonzalez (‘23), president of the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE), reveals what makes the Prescott Campus community so special.

    Eagle Finds Familia Away from Home at Embry‑Riddle
  • JaciLynn Poteet (’21) once felt like she was behind all her classmates, but now she’s ensuring rocket launch safety.

    Aerospace Engineering Graduate Ensures Safety for FAA
  • When it comes to taking her aviation career to a new level, Anastasia-Andreaa Panaitescu (’24) is definitely hitting the high notes.

    Embry-Riddle Aviation Degree is Music to Her Ears
  • Embry‑Riddle senior Isabella Novo (‘23) has always wanted to become an astronaut. Now, after landing a position at NASA, she is one step closer to that dream coming true.

    Embry‑Riddle Student is Sure to Shine at NASA: Isabella Novo
  • This Embry‑Riddle Worldwide student is making a difference in the lives of others through aviation.

    Eagle Spreads the Joy of Aviation
  • Long Beach, California, native Giselle Angulo discovered her passion for flight through a desire to travel the world. Now, with the Boeing Scholars program, she’s training to become a pilot and diversifying the field of aviation.

    Boeing Scholar's Passion for Travel Gives Her Wings
  • Boeing Scholar Samuel Low is on his way to fulfilling his childhood dream thanks to The Boeing Company.

    Aeronautical Science Major and Boeing Scholar’s Airfield of Dreams
  • A scholarship from Boeing aids this aerospace and occupational safety student in reaching her goals at Embry‑Riddle.

    Boeing Scholar Program Helps an Eagle Prepare for Takeoff
  • M.S. in Human Security & Resilience student Kaitlynn Stookey is already applying her classroom lessons to real world problems.

    M.S. in Human Security & Resilience Degree Already Paying Off for Grad Student
  • Embry‑Riddle Aeronautical University is widely known for the quality of its faculty and the real-world experience they bring into their classrooms and labs. Our students learn from the best and brightest in the field and gain insight into the intricacies of the industry before ever entering the workforce.

    Embr-Riddle Professors Use Expertise to Prepare Students
  •  Alumna Alyssa DeCarlis reviewed an extensive list of graduate programs before deciding that Embry‑Riddle was the right choice to further her education.    

    Graduate Student Made the Right Choice Choosing Embry‑Riddle
  • Aviation Business Administration Ph.D. candidate Ben Gonzalez is now working on his fourth degree from Embry‑Riddle.

    For Aviation Business Administration Student, Success is a Matter of Degrees
  • B.S. in Aeronautics grad Pedro Najera turned to Embry‑Riddle when he wanted to transition from a military to civilian career.       

    Aeronautics Grad Finds Knowledge Networks and Confidence
  • Katharine Larsen earned her B.S. and M.S. in Aerospace Engineering at Embry‑Riddle and is now pursuing a Ph.D. in the school’s renowned program.

    For Aerospace Engineering Student, Embry‑Riddle is the Right Place to Start and Finish
  • Aeronautical Science grad and current MBA in Aviation student Martin Kurkchubasche is focused on the importance of flight safety.

    Aeronautical Science Grad is Helping Embry‑Riddle Reshape Flight Training
  • An elite internship is helping Homeland Security major Jacques-Alice Auguste pursue her goal of securing a safer world.

    Homeland Security Major’s Elite Internship Gets Her Closer to a Dream Career
  • Aerospace Engineering grad Zane Zylstra found that the right education provided a launchpad to some unexpected and amazing opportunities.

    Aerospace Engineering Grad Turns Embry‑Riddle Degree Into a Space Force First
  • With an uncrewed systems degree from Embry‑Riddle, you can find your niche in a variety of innovative and growing fields.

    Which Uncrewed Systems Career is Right For You?
  • A solid academic foundation and unparalleled practical experience have Ryan Marando ready to launch his dream career in broadcast meteorology.

    Success is in the Forecast for Embry‑Riddle’s Meteorology Student
  • Thanks to her Boeing scholarship, Mechanical Engineering student Chyra Parson is one step closer to achieving her dreams.       

    Boeing Scholar Sets Her Sight on a Future in Mechanical Engineering
  • Aerospace Engineering graduate Lt. Joselyn Rabbit was among 50 recruits selected to begin Officer Undergraduate Training for the U.S. Space Force.

    Aerospace Engineering Graduate Starts Career on the Ground Floor of Space Force
  • Space Operations major Niko Blanks is on a mission to help shape a more advanced – and more accessible – age of space exploration.

    Space Operations Major Aims to Boost Accessibility to Space
  • Lauryn Taylor is applying the classroom and practical lessons from her Aerospace Physiology program to realize her dream of becoming a flight surgeon.       

    Aerospace Physiology Grad Wants to Make a Difference in Medicine
  • A B.S. and an M.S. in Management have launched Air Force veteran Corey Goodnight on a mission to make airports safer and better.       

    Advancing Airport Operations
  • Global Conflict Studies graduate Dwayne Clark (‘18) advises on policy and legislation for a U.S. Congressman on Capitol Hill.

    Global Conflict Studies: From the Classroom to Capitol Hill
  • When it comes to running the College of Aviation, Dr. Ken Witcher draws upon his military experience to guide him.

    From Thunderbird to Eagle
  • MBA in Aviation student Ryan Harper is on his way to his third Embry‑Riddle degree thanks to the flexible programs offered at the Worldwide Campus.

    Flexible Worldwide Campus Programs Help Student Earn His Third Degree
  • Cyber Intelligence and Security students gained firsthand experience working in a complex operational technology environment

    A Cyber Force To Be Reckoned With
  • Unmanned Aircraft Systems major Taylor Mantick begin his academic journey as a mechanical engineer before discovering his passion for UAS.

    Pursuing a Passion in Unmanned Aircraft Systems
  • Aerospace Engineering student Kaija Martin is looking forward to her journey as a Boeing Scholar at Embry‑Riddle.

    Support from Boeing Sets Aerospace Engineering Student Up for Success
  • B.S. in Communication grad Katy Thompson earned the Outstanding Graduate Award and got a full-time job offer along with it.

    Stars Align After Eagle Earns Her Communications Degree
  • Losing her father in a 1994 airliner crash fueled a passion for newly-minted Aviation Safety Ph.D. Marisa Aguiar.

    Tragic Legacy Fuels Aviation Safety Quest
  • An MBAA degree helped alumni and airline pilot Chris Welch turn his baking hobby into a successful side business.

    Embry‑Riddle MBAA Pays Off for Pilot as Cookie Company Takes Flight
  • With minors in Human Factors, Aviation Safety and Space Studies, alumnus Don Morgan created a unique path for his future career.

    Setting a Path for Success
  • Collin Anderson shares his experience with Embry‑Riddle and how it has helped with his career.

    Eagle Shares How Embry‑Riddle Impacted His Career
  • M.S. in Human Security and Resilience graduate Tiffany Mosher has written a book about volunteering to help natural disaster recovery efforts.

    Human Security and Resilience Grad Shares Her Journey of Healing in Memoir
  • Every new student has a vision in their mind of what college will entail. Alumnus Lonnie Marts was no different on his first day at Embry‑Riddle Aeronautical University.        

    Alumnus Shares His Embry-Riddle Experience
  • Embry‑Riddle Aeronautical University offers educational experiences that lead directly to career opportunities with leading global employers. An Embry‑Riddle degree will open doors for you around the world.

    Internships Make All the Difference
  • Dr. Jayde King started her Embry‑Riddle journey in high school and has now earned her Ph.D. in Human Factors.       

    Ph.D. Grad Charts a Course for Women of Color in Human Factors
  • Find out why Alexandria Brown chose Embry‑Riddle and how we’re helping prepare her for success.

    Dominating the Aerospace Engineering Field
  • For William Baca III, the connections he’s made within the Eagle community have made all the difference.

    Aerospace Engineering Grads Learns That Industry Connections Count
  • With a B.S. and M.S. in Aerospace Engineering, Wanjiku Kanjumba is primed to leave her legacy as an engineer and entrepreneur.

    Aerospace Engineering Grads Aims to Leave Her Legacy
  • A wrong turn on a campus tour helped set Ryan Lange on a path to earn his B.S. and M.S. in Human Factors at Embry‑Riddle.

    Chance Meeting Sets First Generation Student Up For Human Factors Degrees
  • Embry‑Riddle alumnus Bryan Gamelin, is currently putting his education to work as a human factors research scientist at Honeywell Aerospace.

    Eagle's Aviation Passion Leads to Honeywell
  • Alex Guerrero (’20) obtained his B.S. in Aviation Business Administration from Embry‑Riddle and is now works at The Boeing Company in the Supply Chain Foundation Program.

    Get to Know Eagle Alex Guerrero
  • Aerospace Engineering major Alijah McDonald’s dream of an engineering career got a boost from the Boeing Scholars program.

    Boeing Scholars Program Helps Aspiring Engineer Build His Future
  • Meteorology major Andrew Wang is also an ROTC star, being named by the Air and Space Forces Association as a top cadet in 2020.

    ROTC Cadet and Meteorology Major Stands Out at Embry-Riddle
  • Earning her M.S. in Human Factors degree helped Kate Fraser boost her career as an aviation safety specialist.

    Human Factors Degree Helps Take Her Aviation Career to a New Level
  • Embry‑Riddle alumnus Jake Barson conducted research to pave the way to a more sustainable aviation industry.

    Striving Toward a More Sustainable Future in Aviation
  • Unmanned Systems Applications graduate Kelcey Kocer is putting her degree to work in a new job at Tesla.

    Online Classes Help Busy Mom Earn Degrees in Aeronautics and Unmanned Systems
  • An Embry‑Riddle business degree prepares graduates to assume leadership roles in a wide range of global industries.

    Embry‑Riddle Business Degrees Meet Today’s Industry Demand
  • Nina Egbalic scored a great job out of college. Learn how Embry‑Riddle can open doors for you too.

    Let Embry‑Riddle Take You Places
  • All current Embry-Riddle students and their family members are invited to take part in a weekend full of family friendly activities. More details to come soon as plans are finalized.

    Family Weekend