The University utilizes a web-based student end-of-course evaluation system, hosted by an off-site vendor using a secure server. The evaluations are administered by the Office of Institutional Research. Students use this system for completing their evaluations. Instructors and administrators use this system for receiving the results of the evaluations. Students and instructors can access the system securely through Canvas without the need for an additional login or password.

Calendars & Timeline

Evaluation administration timeline:

  • The evaluation window is two weeks in length
    • Residential Campuses: Evaluation opens approximately two weeks prior to Study Day and ends at midnight on Study Day.
    • Worldwide Campuses: Evaluation opens for approximately two weeks and ends three days after the official last day of classes (at midnight).
    • Students will receive a pre-evaluation notice one week prior to the evaluation window (except for residential Summer terms, pre-evaluation notice is 5 days prior to evaluation start date).
  • Custom Questions open for Administrators and Faculty approximately 10 days before evaluation opens.
  • Faculty & students will receive an evaluation announcement on the day the evaluation opens.
  • Students who have not responded to all of their evaluations will receive a single reminder after four days, then again ten and thirteen days after evaluation starts (if warranted).
  • Results will be made available to faculty and administrators the day after grades are due for your campus. No one can access the data until reports are released.

For questions related to Online Course Evaluations, please contact Institutional Research.