Prior to submitting your IRB Application make sure you have everything you need to apply for review:

Start Here

1. Use the IRB Decision Tree or see the Does My Project Need IRB Review page to be sure your project requires review by the IRB.

2. If review is required, complete the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) IRB training. More information on how to register to take this training is available on the Mandatory Training page.

3. Use the IRB Application Checklist to make sure you have everything you need for an IRB review.

4. Prepare the Informed Consent Form. See Informed Consent page for instructions on Obtaining Participant Consent.

5. Complete the online application form using the How to complete the Online IRB Application Form and/or the Example of a Properly Completed IRB Application or the Approved IRB Application Sample as a guide. No research project that involves human subjects may begin prior to receiving approval. Submit the online application form along with the consent document and any and all supporting documents.

How long does it take for an IRB review?

The usual turnaround time for a complete IRB application that does not require full IRB review varies depending upon the level of review and whether or not the application needs further clarification. See Categories of ResearchStudent IRB Process, and/or Faculty IRB Process for more details.

Special Considerations

  1. Use of MILITARY personnel in Research

    Permission, in writing, must be obtained from the applicable command.  The written authorization should include reference to the non-existence of any conflicting military branch IRBs.

    Note: Some branches not only have branch-specific IRBs but may have base or region IRBs as well. 

  2. Foreign Country/International Studies

    Studies that take place in a Foreign Country, by an Embry-Riddle researcher must be reviewed by the IRB and adhere to University policy and federal guidelines. The standards for ethical conduct in research as well as considerations regarding cultural differences must be incorporated into the research design. The researcher must take the “International Research” module of the CITI Training prior to any research being conducted.  The appropriate foreign entity similar to an IRB needs to review and approve the research before it can be reviewed by Embry-Riddle’s IRB. [§ 46.101] [APPM Procedure 12.2]

    1. An entity similar to an IRB needs to review and approve the research before it can be reviewed by Embry-Riddle's IRB.
    2. An additional CITI Training module must be completed by all investigators under the Human Subjects: Researcher - Basic Course titled International Research.

  3. Clinical Trial and/or FDA Regulated Studies

    Studies that fall outside of the Social, Behavioral, and Educational area will be required to be reviewed by a qualified external IRB at the investigators expense, prior to review by Embry-Riddle’s IRB. Additional CITI training of all investigators in the specific area of the study is also required and will be assigned by the IRB Director.

Modifying an already approved Exempt or Expedited research project

If you have already obtained approval or an EXEMPT or EXPEDITED research project and wish to make minor changes to the project, complete the Modification of Approved IRB Application online application form.