Aeronautical Science Major and Boeing Scholar’s Airfield of Dreams

Boeing Scholar Samuel Low is on his way to fulfilling his childhood dream thanks to The Boeing Company.

Aeronautical Science major Samuel Low ('25) standing in front of Prescott Campus' AXFAB Building. (Photo: Embry-Riddle / Connor McShane)
Aeronautical Science major Samuel Low ('25) standing in front of Prescott Campus' AXFAB Building. (Photo: Embry-Riddle / Connor McShane)

Since he was young, Aeronautical Science major and Boeing Scholar Samuel Low (‘25) has been fascinated with flying and dreamed of becoming a pilot.

“I’ve always had a childlike fascination with many things surrounding aviation, whether that’s walking through the flight operations building and seeing flight instructors with their students, or seeing pilots walk through terminals at an airport,” he said.

When weighing his options about which college to attend, Low was looking for a highly recognized flight program close to his home state of California and chose Embry-Riddle's Prescott Campus for not just the quality of its program, but small class sizes as well.

Boeing Scholar

Low was selected to be a Boeing Scholar, which is an initiative developed by The Boeing Company available to underrepresented minority students who express interest in aeronautical science and aviation maintenance science. Being chosen for the program came as a welcome surprise to Low.

“It meant a lot to me knowing that one of the most recognizable companies not only in aviation, but also on the global stage, recognized me and was willing to invest in my future,” he said.

And Low appreciates the financial burden that has been lifted because of Boeing’s generosity.

“The scholarship itself has been tremendously helpful in supporting me financially,” he stated. “I’ve also been told that I might be able to go down to the Boeing facility in Mesa, and I’m super excited for that!”

Classes Take Flight

Low enjoys the freedom and flexibility that college has to offer and likes that he can dedicate his time to subject matter he’s excited about, “rather than just working mindlessly to earn a grade in a class that I am not too passionate about.”

He is particularly enjoying his flight physiology class because his instructor has a lifetime of flight experience and teaches in a way that makes learning fun.

“The course content also explains a lot of questions I’ve always had about flight and the human body,” he said. “I’ve really enjoyed doing cross country flight plans into different airports.”

Low has some great advice if you’re thinking of embarking on a career in aviation.

“I would say that it is important to monitor the way you compare yourself to others,” advises Low. “While comparing yourself to others isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as it can challenge you to better yourself, it often leads to negative thought cycles that I’ve fallen victim to countless times. Looking up to people should be something that inspires you to work harder rather than becoming bitter or making up excuses.”

Low plans to one day be a captain for a major airline or “even fly private jets around the world.”

“Envisioning what my future could be constantly inspires me to continue putting in hard work to get closer and closer to my goals,” he said.

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