What is Dual Enrollment Like at Embry-Riddle? Ask a 17-year-old College Junior

For determined students with accelerated aspirations, dual enrollment at Embry-Riddle offers a platform for academic and professional success.

With headset in place, Josiah Moise is ready to add some more flight time to the growing total in his pilot logbook.
With headset in place, Josiah Moise is ready to add some more flight time to the growing total in his pilot logbook. (Photo: Josiah Moise)

Although he is just 17, Josiah Moise ('24, '28) is no stranger to hard work—or to the success that comes with it.

His fascination with science and love for animals led him to become an apprentice and mentor at the Discovery Place Science Museum near his home in Charlotte, North Carolina, a role that earned him the Gold Presidential Service Award.

In addition to creating interactive labs and designing engaging activities for the museum, Josiah cared for animals and served as a coach for his homeschool competitive chess team, all while nurturing a growing love for aviation. 

In 10th grade, Josiah began the Dual Enrollment program at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University and is now on track to graduate with his Associate in Science in Aeronautics degree this year. He has also been accepted to continue his Bachelor of Science in Aeronautical Science at Embry-Riddle’s Daytona Beach Campus this fall. 

This long list of accomplishments, including being selected as a BigFuture Ambassador by College Board, helped Josiah earn a place on the coveted Dean's List "20 Under 20." Presented by Thread Talk, the list highlights some of Charlotte's most influential teen leaders. 

Josiah recently took a few minutes from his regimen of high school classes in the morning, college courses in the afternoon, aviation ground school at night and weekend flying to talk about his dual enrollment experience at Embry-Riddle and his plans to become a professional pilot.

Why did you choose Dual Enrollment at Embry-Riddle? 

Embry-Riddle is the best and most highly recognized aviation university in the world. Throughout the aviation community, the name stands out and garners immediate respect and notoriety. Anyone who wants a career in aeronautics or aerospace finds out quickly that Embry-Riddle is the university of the sky.

What has your Dual Enrollment experience been like so far?

Navigating dual enrollment has presented challenges, yet it has been an incredibly positive journey. The unwavering support of the advisors and professors at the university took me by surprise and was a bedrock of my overall success. My favorite part of the whole program is how the coursework filters everything through the lens of an aviator, and every aspect of my program is aviation-intensive and immersive. 

How would you describe the support offered by the Dual Enrollment team?

The dual enrollment team offers extensive support to new students at the school. They consistently check in to assess your progress, particularly during crucial weeks such as midterms and final exams. My advisors were actively involved in orchestrating and recommending classes that were tailored to my circumstances, ensuring I stayed on track toward my degree.

Over the past three years, their steadfast support has been instrumental in helping me achieve my goal of graduating high school while simultaneously obtaining my A.S. degree.

Sporting a “Daytona” baseball cap, Josiah Mosie strikes his best airplane pose while standing behind a single-engine aircraft.
Sporting a “Daytona” baseball cap, Josiah Mosie strikes his best airplane pose while standing behind a single-engine aircraft. (Photo: Josiah Moise)
Flying an aircraft helps aspiring aviator Josiah Moise find his happy place.
Flying an aircraft helps aspiring aviator Josiah Moise find his happy place. (Photo: Josiah Moise)

How did it feel to be selected among the 20 Under 20?

Being part of the 20 Under 20 in Charlotte was a tremendous honor for me. Reflecting on that experience, it played a crucial role in shaping my journey to becoming a role model and a reliable leader in my community.

This recognition continues to serve as motivation, pushing me to work even harder, particularly in the worldwide program, to explore new heights and discover what else I can accomplish and achieve.

What is your ultimate career goal, and how will Dual Enrollment help you reach it?

My ambition is to become an airline pilot for a major carrier, exploring destinations worldwide. Engaging in the dual enrollment program during high school has opened up numerous opportunities for me. Notably, by being two years ahead in my education, I am better aligned with my career goal of pursuing a restricted ATP license, enabling me to assume the captain's seat at a younger age.

What would you say to someone considering Dual Enrollment at Embry-Riddle?

I wholeheartedly recommend embracing this opportunity. With a commitment to hard work, time management, dedication and focus, anyone can make it through this program. Coupled with patience and humility, the rewards at the end of this journey are priceless. Embry-Riddle graduates are always distinctive standouts.   

What else would you like to say?   

I want to express my gratitude to God for guiding me through this program and being a constant presence, supporting me through every class. Without His guidance, I wouldn't be where I am today. 

A heartfelt thank you goes to my parents, Joe and Shonte, for their unceasing and infinite help and guidance throughout this program. Their support kept me focused, taught me effective time management and prepared me for the challenges of the college experience. 

I also extend my appreciation to my mentors, Cameron Chase, a pilot for United Airlines, and Ken Nelson, a retired chief pilot for American Airlines and the chief instructor and director of the David Griffin Aviation Foundation Rock Hill Flyers. They have been by my side from day one, providing invaluable encouragement and essential insights that mean the world to a young aspiring pilot like me. 

Lastly, I want to express my deep appreciation to Embry-Riddle for granting me the opportunity to continue pursuing my B.S. in Aeronautical Science at the Daytona Beach Campus. It's a dream come true, and I am truly grateful for the support and opportunities they have provided.

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