Safety Management Student Gives Back Through Volunteering

As a member of the Civil Air Patrol, Adrienne Reid assists with teaching cadets about safety and risk management.

Adrienne Reid uses the lessons she learns in the Safety Management program in her volunteer work with the Civil Air Patrol.
Adrienne Reid uses the lessons she learns in the Safety Management program in her volunteer work with the Civil Air Patrol.

How did you get started with the Civil Air Patrol (CAP) volunteer program?

I started right after the pandemic began in 2020. I’ve always been intrigued by the military and had the urgency to join, but I never thought a four-year commitment was in the cards for me. I researched ways I could volunteer with the military, specifically the Air Force, because my grandfather served during World War II, and it’s when I discovered CAP. 

How did your experience with CAP inspire you to pursue an education and career in aerospace safety?

I started to take on the safety aspect within CAP and began my training to become a safety officer within my squadron, the Lone Eagle Squadron. I worked alongside Lieutenant Cann, the safety officer for the cadets, and he gave me the opportunity to teach the cadets about safety.

For one of our weekly lessons, I brought in the aspect of risk management but with an interesting twist – rockets. Speaking about rockets led me to participate in a NASA program at the Kennedy Space Center.

How did you learn about Embry-Riddle, and what made you choose the Worldwide Campus?

The pandemic kept me inside most of the time, especially during the lockdown. I previously attended a community college, but I had not thought of what I wanted to do as a career. I brainstormed several hobbies I was interested in and took a free course online that Embry-Riddle offered, which taught the basics of how planes function. The rest was history. 

What drew you toward the Safety Management program and your minor in Unmanned Systems?

I chose Safety Management because there would be no air travel if there were not an aspect of safety alongside the risk factors. Unmanned Systems can teach us about technology to see what the human eye cannot.

What are you enjoying most about your program and being a student at Worldwide?

I enjoy the incredible people I have met so far and the lifetime friends I’ve made even though I’ve only attended online. Worldwide has given me the success of living independently while continuing my education. I can still be around the people I care about the most while planning to have a successful future ahead of me. 

Are you staying involved with CAP as you complete your online safety degree?

CAP will always be near and dear to my heart. It gave me a sense of commitment, pride and, most importantly, integrity. I will continue to advance my safety knowledge within CAP and teach future cadets.

What are your future career goals?

I would love to become a 1st Lieutenant within CAP, as I am now a 2nd Lieutenant. As far as my career goes, I would love to contribute more training in the space side of aerospace.

Do you have any advice for fellow students?

If you set your mind to it, anything is possible. I never thought I would have advanced this far, but once all those negative thoughts disappeared, I never stopped hustling.