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Bachelor of Science in
Data Science

This interdisciplinary and comprehensive program provides students the experience of pairing a data science skillset with knowledge from a choice of specialized domains.

Data science is an exciting, rapidly developing technical field. Data scientists use machine learning and other computer techniques to extract insight and value from large data sets and communicate the results of their analysis clearly.

The Bachelor of Science in Data Science degree program is interdisciplinary and comprehensive. The curriculum centers around the computing techniques and mathematical skills necessary to be successful practitioners in this exciting field. The program emphasizes machine learning, handling of big data, communication skills and an area of concentration, such as business, aeronautical engineering, physics, global security and intelligence, meteorology, air traffic management, safety science and more. Graduates will be fully prepared to enter careers in data science, predictive analytics and applied statistics, or pursue advanced degrees.

Data scientists are creative problem solvers and effective communicators. Applicants should be interested in computing,

technology and applying quantitative methods to solve practical problems. A data scientist is an important member of a team, and so prospective students should have an interest in developing as collaborators and communicators, interfacing with both technical and nontechnical roles, and creating vivid narratives based on factual evidence.

Employment prospects for data scientists are very positive. Employers across all sectors recognize the impact data has on value. Data scientists are key contributors in aviation and aerospace, cybersecurity, business and supply chain management, finance, health care, government and more. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a 22% growth rate in Computer and Information Research Scientist jobs compared to 8% growth across all industries and reports a median salary of $126,830.


About Data Science at the Prescott, AZ Campus

Embry-Riddle is a great place to become a data scientist. Embry-Riddle has developed strategic strengths in select disciplines. At the Prescott campus, strengths include Aeronautical Engineering, Space Physics (where we have a LIGO collaborator group), Global Security and Intelligence Studies, Applied Meteorology, Air Traffic Management, Safety Science and more.


A data scientist creates value by possessing data analysis skills and being steeped in a particular domain. Embry-Riddle Prescott’s B.S. in Data Science degree offers students a unique educational experience of pairing the data science skillset with a depth of knowledge in one of our many specialized domains, collaborating side-by-side with faculty from each of these fields.

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