Bachelor of Science in
Homeland Security

Embry-Riddle’s Bachelor of Science in Homeland Security degree program, one of the very first in the nation, is designed for students who envision a safer, more secure tomorrow, and see themselves in some capacity working toward that end. The Bachelor of Science in Homeland Security provides students with a foundation in security, with specialized tracks in emergency management, terrorism studies, or cybersecurity.

Whether the student’s interest lies in law and policy, terrorism, emergency management, risk assessment, intelligence analysis, strategic planning, or security, Homeland Security graduates emerge ready to contribute to making the world a safer place.

The Homeland Security degree combines the University’s General Education requirements with a solid core of homeland security courses as well as minors in international relations, cybersecurity, or several other minors available to the student.

The curriculum of this degree is founded in outcome-based methodology, using analysis of marketplace needs, intelligence from U.S. military and governmental experts, and practicing professionals.

Students will complete projects with real clients from all over the county. They’ll have the opportunity to employ state-of-the-art facilities and equipment.

Students can choose one of three ways to specialize their homeland security education:

  • By taking two minors
  • By taking one minor and another 15-hour block of approved and related courses

A team of faculty with extensive combined field experience leads the Department of Security Studies and International Affairs. These dedicated, talented faculty share with students their first-hand experiences and teach critical analysis and threat assessment using current events and classroom projects.

Subject matter experts from a variety of homeland security disciplines often provide guest lectures or even teach entire courses. As conditions change in the U.S. and around the world, the student’s educational experience is adapted to meet the demands of industry and government institutions.


About Homeland Security at the Daytona Beach, FL Campus

In today’s world, there is daily evidence of the need for security. Natural disasters and the effects of climate change are costly and can devastate entire communities, the threat of terrorism is present globally, and the need for cybersecurity increases as technologies develop. Offered through our Security Studies and International Affairs department in the Daytona Beach College of Arts and Sciences, the Homeland Security program exposes students to the different concepts that help ensure the protection of our nation’s security interests. Topics include studies in emergency management, critical infrastructure protection, risk analysis, industrial security, environmental security, terrorism, intelligence, criminal justice, cybersecurity, and law and policy.

Gain hands-on experiences through internships, class projects, and a senior capstone research project — all of which prepare students to solve real-world challenges for future clients.

The devotion of the faculty, the passion of the students, and the collaborative atmosphere in ERAU classes foster academic and social success.

Students transferring into the program who have earned academic credits in homeland security-related course work or professional experience may be granted credit hours to be applied to the degree program with approval from the program coordinator.

A degree in Homeland Security will afford students the opportunity to have a positive impact with every decision they make. Our graduates are prepared to help change the course of events to influence history; they could be at the front line to help people recover from disasters or even help to prevent crime and terrorism.

Every summer, SSIA Department faculty lead trips to countries such as Ireland, England, German, and Israel, where students not only get the opportunity to experience different cultures and visit foreign cities, but they attend workshops, seminars, and behind-the-scene tours of security-related facilities to learn first-hand how other nations and companies deal with security issues facing the world today. A Homeland Security student can gain this valuable, real world knowledge while earning up to six credits toward BSHS core curriculum.

The Homeland Security industry includes chemical, biological, and radiological detection, as well as border, rail, seaport, industrial, and nuclear plant security. Other vendors include computer and human resources experts, information and integrated technology companies, and many different avenues for consultants.

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