Academic Integrity

Students are expected to prepare and present their own work to satisfy academic requirements. Embry-Riddle considers academic dishonesty a very serious offense.

The Academic Integrity violations process is followed in all cases of suspected academic dishonesty. Sanctions may include failure of a test or assignment, failure of a course, suspension, or dismissal from the University. Academic Integrity violations include the following:

  • Cheating: Students may not use unauthorized assistance in preparing assignments. This includes any oral or written presentations in the academic setting.
  • Fraud: Students may not gain unfair advantage through deceit or trickery, including falsification of records. In addition, unless a student has been granted prior permission from each professor, double/multiple submission (submitting identical or substantially similar written assignments to fulfill a requirement in more than one course, regardless of term) constitutes one form of academic fraud.
  • Plagiarism: Plagiarism is recognized by the University as an act of academic dishonesty. It is defined as taking the ideas, writings, and/or words of another and representing them as one’s own. Two common forms of plagiarism involve the use of written or oral work of another person without giving proper acknowledgment and the use of the work of another person as one’s own. Additionally, ghosting; buying; selling; trading papers, projects, computer programs, or other academic assignments; or fraud, including the intent to commit one of these acts, constitutes plagiarism.

An Academic Integrity violation will go before the Honor Board when it is the second offense for undergraduate students and masters-level students or in the event that a student’s disciplinary record in conjunction with the Academic Integrity charge meets the threshold of possible suspension. In instances of broad cheating or in combination with other violations (such as computer security policies and false information), a case could be elevated to the Honor Board for adjudication and possible suspension or dismissal. Doctoral candidates should refer to their academic catalog regarding incidents of Academic Integrity.

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