Worldwide Alumna Finds Her Niche as an IT Consultant

Master of Science in Project Management graduate Treshina Smith plans to open her own small business consulting company in the future.

For Treshina Smith, the M.S. in Project Management offered the global perspective and focus on data analytics that she was looking for.
For Treshina Smith, the M.S. in Project Management offered the global perspective and focus on data analytics that she was looking for. (Photo: Treshina Smith)

Before deciding to continue her education, Treshina Smith (’21) found herself branching into business consulting for her natural hair care business clients.

After 10 years of running her business, she moved overseas where she continued her business services at a Fleet and Family Services Center.

“I found myself giving classes on resumes and LinkedIn, organizing events, small business consulting and wellness,” said Smith.

As an Army veteran with her own business and career goals, she was drawn toward the Embry-Riddle Worldwide Campus.

“I made the decision after meeting my academic advisor on base and reviewing Embry-Riddle’s current research, involvement with the Project Management Institute, programs offered and alumni reviews,” she said. “The M.S. in Project Management offered the global perspective and focus in data analytics that I was looking for.”

While in the program, Smith learned how to apply project management tools to her own life. The skills that she grew in her classes also proved to be especially helpful in her first project management role at a consulting firm.

“Through Embry-Riddle, I strengthened my skillsets in building and delivering presentations, advanced Excel, and risk and data analysis, which are all foundational skills for an analyst and consultant,” said Smith.

She also had the opportunity to deepen her real-world knowledge and job-hunting skills through the courses in the program.

“I have participated in several conversations on current events and trends in tech, supply chain, economics and more with confidence because we covered many relevant topics during discussion assignments,” she said. “The capstone was immensely helpful in bringing together all that we’d learned and preparing us for the job hunt process.”

Since graduating from the program in 2021, Smith now utilizes the knowledge she gained as a senior consulting analyst at Accenture – an information technology and services company.

“I get a chance to develop innovative and creative service solutions for companies that extend beyond technology and delve into the truly human aspect of creation and change,” she said. “The most challenging part is staying focused and not getting distracted on so many opportunities to learn and participate.”

In the future, Smith hopes to continue on the path she started years ago as a small business entrepreneur.

She encourages fellow Eagles to set strategic goals and timelines for themselves but to stay adaptable to change.

“Be the master of your own destiny and be unafraid to chart your course,” said Smith.