American Rocketry Challenge Scholarship Fuels Eagle’s Quest for Success in Space

Gifted with athletic, culinary and engineering skills, Aerospace Engineering major Aubrianne Dupre is following her passions at Embry-Riddle.

Freshman Aerospace Engineering major Aubrianne Dupre is primed for her next STEM adventure at Embry-Riddle. (Photo: Aubrianne Dupre)
Freshman Aerospace Engineering major Aubrianne Dupre is primed for her next STEM adventure at Embry-Riddle. (Photo: Aubrianne Dupre)

Whether she’s in the kitchen, between the posts or on the launchpad, Aerospace Engineering major Aubrianne Dupre (’27) is hyper-focused on excelling at whatever she does.

“I love to learn,” says Aubrianne, a native of Haughton, Louisiana, who has already discovered plenty about cooking, soccer and rockets, although she just turned 18 this year. “And I like being good at things.”

Her determination and love of learning helped her connect with the American Rocketry Challenge at Parkway High School, where she was part of a rocket launching team and also got herself a scholarship, joining nine current Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University students who also earned scholarships as part of the world’s largest rocket contest.

What is The American Rocketry Challenge?

The American Rocketry Challenge gives nearly 5,000 high school students in the U.S. the chance to design, build and launch model rockets, a process that helps solidify their STEM skills and provides real-world engineering experience.

“My passion has always been rockets and the American Rocketry Challenge helped me define my goal to be rocket scientist,” says Aubrianne. “I wouldn’t have traded that experience for anything.”

Growing up out “in the country,” one of Aubrianne’s first loves was soccer. She started playing at age 4 and is today a goalkeeper on the Embry-Riddle women’s soccer team.

“Embry-Riddle was my dream school, and they just so happened to need a freshmen goalkeeper for future years,” Aubrianne said about her decision to attend the Prescott Campus.

Her prowess on the pitch is matched by her serious skills in the kitchen. Aubrianne is a two-time culinary state champion in Louisiana and among the top 10 chefs in the nation for her age group.

An Early Focus on STEM

But both of those interests have been eclipsed by her love of STEM, which also started at an early age.

“Bossier City, where I went to school, is an Air Force town,” Aubrianne said. “So, in elementary school, the STARBASE branch out of Barksdale Air Force Base allowed my fifth-grade class to have a week-long field trip to their facilities, and that's really where I was first exposed to STEM. Then in middle school I picked up the STEM elective and stuck with it all three years.”

Sticking with STEM meant that Aubrianne completed classes in cyber literacy and also earned her SUAS (Small Uncrewed Aerial System) Pilot-in-Command license.

“Funny thing,” she says. “I was the only girl in both of those classes.”

Why Choose Embry-Riddle for Aerospace Engineering?

Her well-rounded skills as an athlete, chef and aspiring engineer have prepared her well to start the Embry-Riddle experience this year, and she is already excited about the potential opportunities on the horizon.

“I don't really know where I want to work yet, but it would probably be a place like SpaceX or NASA,” she said. “And that’s why I chose Embry-Riddle. It’s at the top of its class when it comes to aviation and aerospace.”

As she settles into life on the Prescott Campus, Aubrianne thinks often of those she left behind in Louisiana, and she didn’t want to miss a chance to say hello to everyone back home.

“I really want to say something to my family,” she said. "So, Hey Mom, Big Momma and Addi, I love and miss y'all. Also, to the Buzzard family, love and miss y'all. Most of all Mallory, I love ya."

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