Boeing Scholarships Help Boost Workforce Diversity

Lainey Davis (’26) is among the students chosen to be part of the Boeing Scholars program in 2022 and her scholarship is supported by a $3 million endowment from the world’s largest aerospace company.

Boeing Scholar and Aerospace Engineering major Lainey Davis ('26) was drawn to Embry-Riddle's curriculum and accreditations. (Photo: Embry-Riddle / Bill Fredette-Huffman)
Boeing Scholar and Aerospace Engineering major Lainey Davis ('26) was drawn to Embry-Riddle's curriculum and accreditations. (Photo: Embry-Riddle / Bill Fredette-Huffman)

Lainey, an Aerospace Engineering major with an Astronautics concentration and a minor in Project Management, took time to discuss her selection as a Boeing Scholar and her experience as an Embry-Riddle student so far.

What was your high school experience before you were an Embry-Riddle student?

“I grew up 25 minutes outside of Baltimore city in a town called Middle River in Baltimore County, Maryland. Growing up I attended smaller schools—around 700 kids—and made very close friends. I would like to note that there are some amazing teachers in Baltimore County Public Schools, they were always helping us when need be and being the best educators. Specifically, I had a couple of teachers in high school who changed my life: Mr. Homishak, Ms. Ballentine and Mr. Akers. There are a lot of stereotypes about Baltimore, the crime specifically, but in my personal opinion it was the best place to grow up. Being at Embry-Riddle today after growing up in a lower middle-class area reflects my hard work and those who helped me along the way. My family was my biggest support system throughout the entirety of my academic career, and they are the main reason I am here today. PS: We are VERY proud of our state flag.”

What sports did you enjoy leading up to your Embry-Riddle experience?

“I actually played baseball on the all-boys team at Chesapeake High. It was an uphill battle trying to defeat the societal norm that girls couldn’t play baseball. I had a very special teacher tell me: 'Lainey, you’re the person treading through the snow so every girl behind you doesn’t have to get their feet dirty, you’re a trailblazer.' That inspired me to keep pushing and, after a constant back and forth email battle with the county executive’s office, I got the email saying that not only could I play, but there is now a rule in Baltimore County Public Schools that all girls can play baseball.”

What opportunities most excite you in the Boeing Scholars program?

“The opportunities to be able to network with Boeing and be able to get my career in motion. My favorite things so far would have to be the site visit to Boeing in Charleston, South Carolina, that we went on in September.”

What interested you most about Embry-Riddle?

“It is the best school in the aerospace division in terms of curriculum and accreditation. So far, the classes have been great. The material is rigorous and, most importantly, fun. I have been learning so much here.”

What is dorm life like on the Daytona Beach Campus?

“My suitemates and roommate are great! I think one of the best parts of college is being able to make memories with those you share a room with. Also, the rooms are great, very spacious!”

Which Embry-Riddle professors have influenced you the most?

“Professor Debarati Basu and Professor Lisa Davids are both amazing and are great at teaching the material. Not only that, but they check in from time to time to see how you are doing. Both are big inspirations for me. They are very successful and have paved the way for women like me in male-dominated fields. it is truly an honor to be taught by both of them.”

What is your advice for someone considering Embry-Riddle as their university?

“You've got this! When you need help, ask because there are so many resources accessible to you on campus. Most importantly, never give up. You’ve come this far, so push through and learn amazing things while you’re here!”

What are your plans after you graduate Embry-Riddle?

“I would like to work for a private company like SpaceX. However, NASA has always been a dream of mine and if presented the chance I would love to work for them as well. I would also love to travel, and I hope my work takes me around the world.”

How are Embry-Riddle programs helping you reach your career goals?

“Embry Riddle has amazing opportunities for learning, but also for networking with the largest companies in the aerospace industry.”