Spaceflight on the Brain

Discovering the Impact of Space Flight on the Human Body

Student Haleema Irfan

Long-term spaceflight presents many challenges, including a threat to the health of the human brain. 

That problem is hydrocephalus, fluid accumulating in the brain, and it is the focus of research by Embry-Riddle senior Haleema Irfan ('21), who is majoring in Aerospace Physiology and Human Factors Psychology.

Hydrocephalus is provoked by shifts in the cephalic fluid that occur in microgravity and can cause symptoms that include impaired functioning.

Irfan has her sights set on a sensor that would detect the condition before it poses a problem for astronauts.

Irfan's proposed sensor would detect certain metabolites that are present with hydrocephalus. 

Her research is being funded by a Student Internal grant from the Embry-Riddle Office of Undergraduate Research.