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The overall goal of the Academic and Faculty Excellence SIT is too achieve academic excellence with exceptional programs and outstanding faculty:

  1. Ensure the relevancy of academic programs: Update the curriculum regularly to provide students with the latest industry-relevant knowledge and experiences.
  2. Ensure continuous improvement of instruction: Provide opportunities for faculty to continuously improve their instructional skills.
  3. Expand faculty role in student retention initiatives: Involve faculty in designing and evaluating measures to improve retention rates through collaboration with academic support units.
  4. Recruit and support under-represented faculty: Enhance best practices for faculty recruitment and retention.

View the Academic and Faculty Excellence components of the Strategic Plan.

SIT Members

  • Chair: Kelly Austin, Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost — University Administration
  • James Gregory, Dean and Professor, College of Engineering  Daytona Beach
  • Alan Stolzer, Dean and Professor, College of Aviation  Daytona Beach
  • Stacey Mumbower, Assistant Professor, College of Business  Worldwide
  • Marti Klemm, Associate Professor of Aeronautical Science  Daytona Beach
  • Farshid Azadian, Chair and Professor, Department of Management, Marketing and Operations — Daytona Beach
  • Edwin Mierkiewicz, Professor of Physics  Daytona Beach
  • Maneesh Sharma, Dean and Professor, College of Business  Worldwide
  • Ken Witcher, Dean and Associate Professor, College of Aviation  Worldwide
  • Dean Goon, Dean of Academic Innovation  Worldwide
  • Keith Wilson, Assistant Dean of Curriculum & Accreditation and Assistant Professor, College of Aviation — Worldwide
  • Debra Bourdeau, Associate Dean for Student Success & Academics and Associate Professor, College of Arts & Sciences — Worldwide
  • Tom Drape, Dean and Professor, College of Business, Security and Intelligence — Prescott
  • Joshua Caulkins, Director of CTLE  Prescott
  • Timothy Holt, Dean and Professor, College of Aviation — Prescott
  • Ed Stevens, Assistant Professor of Aeronautical Science  Prescott
  • Hadi Ali, Assistant Professor of Aerospace Engineering  Prescott
  • Corraine McNeill, Associate Professor of Biology  Prescott