Wings Out West

The overall goal of the Philanthropy and Alumni Engagement SIT is to establish a culture of philanthropy that supports ERAU's advancement and aligns with the goals of its Strategic Plan: 

  1. Institutional Engagement: Engage the entire University in support of philanthropy and alumni and donor engagement.
  2. Alumni Engagement: Purposefully engage alumni, increasing alumni involvement, pride, volunteerism, and giving.
  3. Donor Base Growth and Retention: Grow donor base by identifying and engaging new individual and corporate prospects and establishing a culture of philanthropy. Improve donor retention through effective outreach and engagement.
  4. Comprehensive Campaign: Plan and execute ERAU's first comprehensive campaign with a focus on student and faculty support. 

View the Philanthropy and Alumni Engagement components of the Strategic Plan.

SIT Members

  • Chair: Kelly Dowling, Senior Vice President for Philanthropy and Alumni Engagement
  • James Gregory, Dean, College of Engineering  Daytona Beach
  • Alan Stolzer, Dean, College of Aviation  Daytona Beach
  • Ken Witcher, Dean, College of Aeronautics  Worldwide
  • Steve Bobinsky, Executive Director of Development  Prescott
  • Edmund Odartey, Executive Director of Alumni Relations
  • John Neff, Executive Director, Development Services