Prescott STEM Building at dusk.

The overall goal of the Student Experience is to provide an exceptional student experience that aligns with improved retention and timely graduation: 

  1. Reinforce essential student skills through curriculum: Prepare students for lifelong learning by empowering them with essential learning skills. Strengthen the curriculum of all programs with experience in critical thinking, communication, applied learning and research.
  2. Expand out-of-class engagement: Supplement the classroom experience with a wide range of out-of-class learning activities.
  3. Promote student physical and mental well-being: Provide students with resources to help maintain their physical and mental health.

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SIT Members

  • Chair: Kelly Austin, Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost — University Administration
  • Pablo Alvarez, Associate Vice Chancellor, Campus Operations — Worldwide
  • Dietmar Rempfer, Dean, College of Engineering and Professor of Aerospace Engineering & Mathematics — Prescott
  • Tara Matusik, Assistant Dean of Student Support Services — Prescott
  • Chris Whippy, Chief Business Officer — Daytona Beach
  • Shanan Gibson, Dean, O'Maley College of Business and Professor of Management — Daytona Beach
  • Darren Skinner, Director of Undergraduate Advising
  • Lisa Kollar, Dean of Students
  • Daniel Friedenzohn, Senior Associate Dean, College of Aviation and Professor of Aeronautical Science — Daytona Beach
  • Peter Hoffmann, Dean, College of Arts & Sciences and Professor of Physical Sciences — Daytona Beach
  • Jeff Brown, Professor of Civil Engineering — Daytona Beach
  • Jennifer Hinebaugh, Associate Professor of Management — Daytona Beach
  • Alexander Siedschlag, Dean and Professor, College of Arts & Sciences and Professor — Worldwide
  • James Solti, Vice Chancellor for Student Success and Associate Professor — Worldwide
  • Rachel Vigness, Assistant Dean of Student Success & Accreditation, College of Business and Associate Professor of the Practice — Worldwide
  • Bettina Mrusek, Chair, Department of COA Undergraduate Studies and Associate Professor — Worldwide
  • Zaf Hatahet, Dean, College of Arts & Sciences and Professor of Biology — Prescott
  • Lee Wilkerson, Interim Dean of Students — Prescott
  • Michele Zanolin, Professor of Physics — Prescott
  • Brian Roth, Associate Professor of Aerospace Engineering — Prescott