The overall goal of the Enrollment Management SIT is to develop an enrollment vision and an associated management plan that supports our unique identity and mission. The plan focuses on six primary strategies to meet this goal:

  1. Enrollment Strategy: Prepare a Strategic Enrollment Management Plan (SEMP) that will assist in meeting enrollment objectives. 
  2. Annual Recruitment Cycle: Develop a process to annually implement the SEMP. 
  3. Recruiting Structure: Optimize recruitment efforts to enroll new students consistent with the (4) Strategic Enrollment Vision. 
  4. Tuition and IFS Strategy: Recruit students in alignment with the SEMP and provide long-term stewardship of the University’s resources. 
  5. Transfer and Graduate Students: Increase transfer and tuition paying graduate enrollments. 
  6. Retention/Persistence: Identify opportunities to improve retention prior to admission/ enrollment.

View the Enrollment Management components of the Strategic Plan.

Enrollment Management

Discover ER is a pre-orientation program welcoming first generation students to campus early and providing opportunities to learn university lingo, connect with a small cohort of students, and engage in self-reflection and personal development that will help set them up for success.

As a result of the work of the Enrollment Management and Student Experience and Success teams, these pre-orientation programs were expanded in 2020!

Featured Initiatives

While the successes are numerous, a few noteworthy accomplishments include:

  • The development of a 5-year Strategic Enrollment Vision Plan
  • A comprehensive evaluation of the admissions experience and timeline
  • A restructuring to include the addition of a Vice President of Enrollment Management to the core leadership team, providing a unified vision across all three campuses

SIT Members

  • Chair: Dr. Jason Ruckert, Vice President of Enrollment Management and Marketing (VPEMM)
  • Michael Novak, Dean of Enrollment Management – Worldwide
  • Bryan Dougherty, Dean of Enrollment Management – Prescott
  • BJ Adams, Dean of Enrollment Management – Daytona Beach
  • Amanda Murawski, Executive Director of Web Strategy
  • Kristen Weitzel, Executive Director of Enrollment Marketing and Digital Strategy
  • Denise Lind, Director of Accounting and Financial Project
  • Melanie Rohrbacher, Operations Manager and Special Assistant to the VPEMM (as needed)