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The overall goal of the Research and Innovation SIT is to be known internationally for groundbreaking aerospace/aviation research and innovation in select, signature areas, and for discovery-driven undergraduate programs. The plan focuses on four primary strategies to meet this goal:

  1. Signature Research Areas: Identify select, signature research themes where ERAU has a competitive global advantage. Incentivize research and collaboration in these areas and build the necessary infrastructure to compete for large-scale, funded research projects.
  2. Graduate Programs: Identify and support select, signature graduate programs and recruit a research-ready graduate student body.
  3. Undergraduate Discovery: Make ERAU a national model for integrating research as a critical element to enrich the undergraduate curriculum and spur innovation.
  4. Innovation: Accelerate innovation and strengthen industry partnerships.

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Research and Innovation

In 2019, the University hired a Director of Prestigious Awards, Dr. Brittany Davis, who has since supported numerous students and faculty in the pursuit of awards and honors with dozens of honorees.

Natasha Ryan, a Tillman Scholar, Grant Johnson, a Goldwater Scholar, and Cameron Dyer, a Boren Scholar, are just a few of the many 2019-2020 award winners.

Featured Initiatives 

The Research and Innovation Team is proud of the many initiatives they have implemented, including:

  • Launching a Presidential Fellowship program
  • Enhancing undergraduate research and discovery opportunities
  • Supporting faculty and student start-ups
  • Expanding curricular and co. curricular research opportunities for all students

SIT Members

  • Co-Chair: Dr. Lon Moeller, Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost, University Administration
  • Co-Chair: Dr. Remzi Seker, Research Faculty Fellow, Daytona Beach
  • Dr. Massoud Bazargan, College of Business, Daytona Beach
  • Dr. Anne Boettcher, Director of URI & Honors Programs, Prescott
  • Dr. Alex Chaparro, Professor of Human Factors, Daytona Beach
  • Dr. Aaron Clevenger, Dean of International & Graduate Student Services
  • Maria Franco, Executive Director of Institutional Research
  • Nan Guzman, Director Grants and Contracts Administration, University Administration
  • Dr. Steve Hampton, Associate Dean for Research & Professor of Doctoral Studies, Daytona Beach
  • Dr. Michael HickeyPhysical Sciences Department, Daytona Beach
  • Dr. Joseph Keebler, Associate Professor of Human Factors and Systems, Daytona Beach
  • Dr. Alan Liu, Professor of Engineering Physics, Daytona Beach
  • Dr. Tasos Lyrintzis, Chair & Distinguished Professor of Aerospace Engineering, Daytona Beach
  • Dr. Stephanie Miller, Director of Tech Transfer and Research Park Initiatives
  • Dr. Mark Sensmeier, Dept. Chair & Associate Professor of Aerospace Engineering, Prescott
  • Dr. Jonathan Snively, Associate Professor of Engineering Physics, Daytona Beach
  • Chris Whippy, Chief Business Officer, Daytona Beach